Coffee In Sapa

The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Sapa

You’re gonna need a caffeine fix for all that trekking ahead, so make your way to any of these cafes for some great coffee in Sapa.

A whole range of passionate coffee enthusiasts have been redefining our expectations, educating both the consumers and other people entering the coffee industry. If you’ve got a craving for caffeine, this is a decent place to be.

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1. Café in the Clouds

Where else will you eat banana pancakes in the clouds? This family-run cafe has decent wifi, tasty breakfast options and incredible views. The coffee menu is simple, but has both Vietnamese coffee and Italian-style brews.

Get the creamy coconut coffee for an indulgent sweet treat.

2. Sapa O’Chau Cafe

This cosy cafe is at the base of Sapa O’Chau, a sustainable and innovative tour and trekking company who work with locals. The cafe helps to train disadvantaged youth in hospitality so that they can exit from the poverty cycle. As well as hot and iced coffees, there’s delicious herbal teas.

3. Cong Caphe

Cong Caphe is a popular Vietnamese coffee chain that has a rustic-chic Military/Socialist vibe and excellent coffee. The name “Cộng” is simply taken from the first word of Vietnam’s official name: CỘNG HOÀ XÃ HỘI CHỦ NGHĨA VIỆT NAM (The Socialist Republic of Vietnam).

You’ll find several cafes around the country, all serving their famous coconut coffee.

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4. Le Petit Gecko

Le Petit Gecko is a popular food and coffee destination for tourists when they come to visit Sapa. It’s a Vietnamese and French spot in a pretty traditional H’mong house made of wood, with a menu full of tasty things. They serve some of the best coffee in Sapa, using Italian brand Lavazza for a smooth and creamy brew.

5. Fansipan Terrace Café

For a breathtakingly beautiful view of Fansipan Mountain, come to this terrace cafe that looks out over Sapa and Cat Cat village. They serve up proper Western-style coffee from a great espresso machine, as well as traditional Vietnamese drip-brews. Sitting here with a cup of java in hand as you look out at the view is unforgettable.

Coffee In Sapa

6. The Hill Station

This charming place has two locations in Sapa; one is more of a restaurant, and the other is a cute cafe and deli. They aim to link the French heritage of Sapa as a colonial hill station with the area’s ethnic culture and produce, using local ingredients. The coffee here is superb and there’s fresh baked goods also.

Coffee In Sapa

7. Gem Valley Coffee

This cosy homestay boasts amazing views and deliciously creamy iced coffees – perfect for cooling down after a long day trekking. It’s in Cat Cat village, just outside the town and is famous for its authentic egg coffee. You can choose to either spend the night or just pop in for a cuppa and a snack.

Coffee In Sapa

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