Tips For The Beach

7 Top Tips For A Perfect Day At The Beach

Heading out to the beach this December or waiting for the warmer weather to come round again? There are many beach essentials that could come in handy on your next trip. We’ve got the need-to-know tips for the beach for a perfect day out.

With some little forward planning and packing, you will have everything you need to have a perfect day out at the beach. For those who want to get the most out of a day of sun, sea and sand, here are some beach day clothing and accessories that might be useful to pack on your next beach trip…

1. Remember Your Portable Chargers

While some people may want to unplug from the world and enjoy some fresh air, others may still want to be connected while they are at the beach. This is where portable chargers can come in handy. Being at the beach is no reason not to enjoy your favourite gadgets – from action cameras and radios, to phones and iPads. Make sure that your portable charger is packed and fully charged. This way, you can keep your devices at full battery life while you are out at the beach.  

2. Take a Few Beach Towels

One of the most essential items that you will need at the beach is a beach towel. Whether you pack a small one or a big one, beach towels can help keep you warm, and more importantly, help you dry off properly. As well as drying you off in summer, warm surfboard ponchos and cosy towels are also some of the best accessories for a winter surf. Beach towels are always something that will be very useful to take with you to the beach. 

3. Pack a Beach Tent

Rather than just sticking with a beach umbrella or windbreaks, why not upgrade to a warm beach tent instead? Beach tents can be very useful as they can provide you with changing space and shelter away from the cold sea breeze. There are many lightweight tents that are easy to pack and set up on the beach. Some of the latest models are also made from protective and durable materials meaning and can also help protect from harmful UV rays.

4. Take a Jacket – Just in Case!

Although it might be warm weather when you leave the house, the weather is always unpredictable. Make sure that you are well prepared and take a thermal or a waterproof jacket with you. Even if you just keep it in the car, it’s close if you happen to need it! Choose a suitable jacket that you don’t mind getting wet or sandy, and ones with multiple pockets that can also keep your keys and wallet safe.

5. Remember to Pack Your Wetsuit

Whether you are going to the beach to surf or to swim, wetsuits can help keep you warmer for longer. They are made out of neoprene which can help keep your body temperature up. Plus, wetsuits are available in different thicknesses to suit the temperature of the water.

They are also suitable items of clothing to wear so that your swimming shorts or t-shirt won’t snag on anything while you are in the water. If you are heading out in the open water this year, then make sure to read up on these open water safety tips from the Royal Life Saving Society UK.

Tips For The Beach

6. Always Have Some Sunscreen at Hand

You might not need sunscreen for the beach in winter. But, it is definitely an essential item you need for the summer. Sunscreen is just one of many items you might want to add to your pre-trip checklist so that you are able to efficiently pack for a family beach trip. It is an essential item as it helps to protect skin from damaging UV rays. Over 50 SPF sunscreens offer children very high protection when they are out playing in the sun for long periods of time.

Tips For The Beach

7. Use Baby Powder to Get Rid of the Sand

This is one of our favourite tips for the beach: bring a bottle of baby powder with you. The powder will instantly dry up all the moisture that makes the sand stick to you. One quick swoosh with your hands and the sand will be gone!

Tips For The Beach

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