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The 25 Best Places For Ribs In Georgia

Nowhere does barbecue ribs like the Southern US. And what better place to eat them than in the heart of the South aka Georgia. The ribs in Georgia will have you feeling like you died and went to barbecue heaven. Whether you’re vacationing in the Peach State or call it home, these are the best ribs around.

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1. Fat Matt’s Rib Shack – Atlanta

One of the oldest barbecue joints in Atlanta, Fat Matt’s has never changed its model based on restaurant trends, instead sticking to traditional counter service and proper cooking.

You’ll still see a line outside as people wait eagerly to get their hands on the grub here. With a tender slab of pork ribs on the menu, it’s too tasty to resist.

2. North Georgia Bar-B-Que – Helen

North Georgia Bar-B-Que is the epitome of rib dining with a large picnic patio dining area. As you can guess, their signature dish is barbecue ribs but their pulled pork and barbecue chicken are also great choices. Just off Edelweiss Strasse, it’s easily accessible whether you are coming or going from Helen.

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3. Wiley’s Championship BBQ – Savannah

Our next pick is located in the heart of historic Savannah. The name comes from the owner, Wiley McCrary who is a barbecue champion. Seriously, he has competed in barbecue competitions all over the US. So, who better to run a bustling Savannah barbecue joint than a barbecue champion? Head over to Wiley’s for a deliciously smoky award-winning rack of ribs.

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4. Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q – Atlanta

This state is home to lots of great barbecue, which makes finding the best ribs in Georgia a bit of a task. Locals, travellers, and food critics all agree that Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q serves some of the best in the state, if not the entire country. The patio space here truly adds to the ambience, but you’re going to want to stay for how tasty the slow-roasted ribs are.

5. Willie Jewel’s Old School Bar-B-Cue – Peachtree City

Sister restaurant to 71-year-old Bono’s Pit Bar-B-Q,, Willie Jewel’s delivers on old fashioned ribs. At Willie Jewels, you can never have too much of their perfectly smoked bbq ribs. Enjoy their elaborately spiced meats by the pound and be ready for a food-coma.

6. Sweet Spice Restaurant – Savannah

Right off Waters Ave in Savannah, you’ll find one of the states best BBQ joints. Famous for their classic Jamaican BBQs, you can also find Southern-style ribs here. As you can imagine, they are known for their sweet but spicy meats.

Be sure to try their mouth-watering beef ribs and sweet-tea.

7. Heirloom Market BBQ – Atlanta

They offer Southern BBQ with a Korean twist – as soon as you first sample it you are in for taste sensation. Their menu is inventive, packed full of surprises but also underpinned by serious quality cooking.

They do quarter, half or full racks of ribs as well as tasting platters so as you can get the best of everything. Absolutely superb cooking.

8. Community Q BBQ – Decatur

Community Q BBQ is a crowd fave thanks to its downhome approach to Southern bbq. Owners Stuart, Dave and Jim truly value their customers and the food they are serving. Here you can expect to find slow-cooked brisket with just the right amount of smokiness and ribs that are equally meaty and juicy. Don’t forget to save room for their world-famous mac n cheese.

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9. Ole Rudy’s Bar-B-Que – Jackson

Ask any Jackson local for the best ribs in town and they’ll point you to Ole Rudy’s. Take a seat at one of the patio picnic tables and chow down on their delicious, perfectly tender and sauced ribs. Their motto is that they ‘keep it lean, clean and falling off the bone.’ so you know it’s gonna be good.

If you like it hot, be sure to try their spicy bbq sauce.

10. Daddy D’z – Atlanta

Their meat is cooked on hickory and oak flames by hand, with no shortcuts being taken to ensure the best end product possible.

The portions are big and piled high on the plates family style. In short, they let the food do the talking. There are plenty of great options on the menu but to come here and hot try the ribs would be beyond foolish. If only all ribs tasted this good.

11. Dave Poe’s BBQ – Marietta

Head on over to Dave Poe’s BBQ for some of the Peach State’s best ribs. Here you’ll find amazing hospitality, expertly marinated ribs and an authentic southern vibe. To prove it’s the greatness, Georgian Senator Johnny Isakson chose Dave Poe’s BBQ to showcase his state’s food in DC. Each year, Senators have the option to choose the best restaurant in their state, if that doesn’t prove how good Dave Poe’s is, we don’t know what will.

12. Rib Country Barbecue – Cleveland

Smothered in their house special sauce before being slow-cooked to perfection, Rib Country Barbecue is a Cleveland favourite. Their wide range of ribs are barbecued over chopped hardwood to ensure a perfect smoke every time. Even better? This family-owned and operated rib shack is open seven days a week.

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13. BowTie Barbecue Company – Savannah

BowTie Barbecue is known for combining agriculture, education and ethics in their scratch kitchen. Everything is made by hand and they take pride in how their meats are sourced. Their sauces are made in small batches, fries are hand-cut and ribs hand-rubbed to perfection. Don’t miss the chance to try some of Georgia’s best ribs at BowTie Barbecue Company.

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14. Grand Champion BBQ – Atlanta

The first outlet opened in 2011 and it has been so popular that they have been expanding ever since. They’ve managed to do so without losing any of that family style service of quality of food.

Their ribs served with mac and cheese are one of the best cheat meals you could ever wish for. The only small problem? Once you taste the ribs here nothing might ever compare again.

15. Wall’s BBQ – Savannah

Craving authentic Southern-style ribs in Georgia? You’re sure to fall hard and fast for Wall’s BBQ. This rib shack serves up finger-lickin’-good barbecue ribs and is known for their downhome service.

Choose from any one of their smoked-to-perfection rib options with a sweet-tea.

16. Das BBQ – Atlanta

They serve their ribs as either a half rack, full rack or as part of tasting platters. They are all cooked low and slow, so that the meat is succulent beyond belief by the time it gets to you.

The sort of place where you will be licking the bones clean and have no shame about it. Their made from scratch sauces are what really rounds this experience off.

Best Atlanta Ribs

17. Smokin’ Pig BBQ – Tallapoosa

Smokin’ Pig BBQ gets a lot right in the way of barbecue – but their speciality is pork. Don’t miss a chance to ‘pig-out’ on their deliciously tender and sticky pork ribs. This folksy down-to-earth rib joint is a Tallapoosa favourite and can’t be missed.

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18. Old Hickory House – Atlanta

George Jackson, owner of the Old Hickory House first started serving great BBQ in Atlanta way back in 1955. The recipes have been handed down ever since and the end result are easily some of the best Atlanta ribs you will ever taste.

When a business has been making ribs for 60 years through four generations of a family you know they are going to be special.

19. Twin Smokers BBQ – Atlanta

If you love smoked meat and craft beer, look no further than Twin Smokers BBQ in Atlanta. They specialise in regional barbecue meaning there’s something for everyone. Be sure to try craft beer and their famous ‘dinosaur beef rib’. Get there early as they run out fast.

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20. Fire It Up BBQ Grill – Cartersville

Fire It Up BBQ Grill takes ribs to a whole new level with their out of this world savoury sauces. Founded by Bill Langford, he took the family recipes that he learned growing up on a farm and brought them to Cartersville. Because of this, Fire It Up BBQ Grille has a downhome Southern charm that can’t be missed.

21. Sandfly Barbecue – Savannah

At Sandfly Barbecue, they bring a little bit of Tennessee to Georgia and create what they call ‘Savannah style’ barbecue. Take your pick from any of their incredible rib options and add either of their sauces. They have a Memphis-style sweet sauce and a mustard-based Savannah sauce. Both of them are out of this world.

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22. Pit Boss BBQ – Hapeville

Specialising in pit-smoked meats, Pit Boss BBQ keeps it simple and old-school making it one of the best in Georgia. Sink your teeth into any of their rib options and you’re sure to be leaving full and satisfied. Don’t forget to make room for some of their classic sides.

23. Jomax BBQ – Metter

Friendly staff, carefully selected racks and sauces make Jomax a favourite among tourists and locals alike. Indulge in any one of their famous rib options like their baby back rack or classic country-style.

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24. Southern Soul Barbeque – St. Simons

Featured in Southern Living Magazine’s “The South’s Best BBQ 2018”, Southern Soul Barbeque is sure to wow. Fill your stomach with their 1/2 slab of ribs or go all out with their Southern Soul sampler. While you’re at it, try some of their delicious cobbler. Either way, you’ll be raving about them for days.

25. Smokejack BBQ – Alpharetta

Last but not least is Smokejack BBQ in Alpharetta. Few things say ‘great ribs’ like scratch only kitchens with slow smoke only barbecue. That’s exactly what you’ll find at Smokejack. Their attention to flavour and detail is what makes them one of Georgia’s best. Take your pick from their famous regional barbecues like hand-pulled pork or signature beef burnt ends.

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