best bars in Québec City

7 Of The Best Bars In Québec City

Widely known as the cradle of French America, Québec City is frequented by people from all corners of the Earth. Whether you are visiting for one of their famous festivals, the incredible food scene or are a local; you’ll probably fancy a drink at some point. The charming old-European city is dotted with a ton of great bars on its cosy cobblestoned streets. We narrowed it down to the best just for you. Here are the seven best bars in Québec City.

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1. Bar Ste-Angéle

Tucked away in Old Québec, you’ll find one of the most charming jazz bars in the entire country. Bar Ste-Angéle serves some mean cocktails alongside bopping jazz every night. Take your pick between a classic single cocktail or go big and order a pitcher, either way, you’ll be back for more.

best bars in Québec City

2. Les Salons d’Edgar

Soft lighting, plush vintage sofas and old school pool tables are just a few of the things you’ll find in this Québec City favourite. Sip on scotch or clink a few glasses of champagne. Trust us, this place is every bit as classy as it sounds.

best bars in Québec City

3. Bar Le Sacrilége

Bar Le Sacrilége is a Rue Saint-Jean gem known for its quirky atmosphere and killer drinks. For over 20 years they’ve been offering delicious local brews, great music and unforgettable poke bowls. We recommend starting off with a local beer on their breezy patio.

best bars in Québec City

4. Brasserie Griendel

This bistro-pub is one of Québec City’s best for its microbrews and vintage brasserie setting. In addition to a warm and friendly atmosphere and good beer, they hold community events regularly and have great pub-fare. Start off with a craft beer and their crispy calamari.

best bars in Québec City

5. Le Fou Bar

Quaint, cosy and dark perfectly describe the atmosphere at Le Fou Bar off Rue Saint-Jean. While the bar is small, the music is huge. The jazz here is some of the best in the city and rivalled only by Bar St. Angele. Carve out some time to stay awhile and take in the music and great brew selections.

best bars in Québec City

6. Chez Tao!

What’s better than Vietnamese street food and creative drinks in a funky setting? At Chez Tao, you’ll find all that and more. We recommend starting with any of their small bites, and a mixologist recommended cocktail.

best bars in Québec City

7. Taverne Jos Dion

This local hangout doubles as being one of the best bars in Québec City and one of the oldest taverns in North America. Taverne Jos Dion has been serving craft cocktails and brews since 1933. If you’re looking for a place that is equally interesting, historic and fun, this is your place. Kick off the night with any of their signature cocktails.

best bars in Québec City


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