The 7 Best Places For BBQ In Savannah

Due to its position in the Southern United States, Georgia is home to some of the country’s tastiest comfort food. And, while there are definitely world-class BBQ spots in Atlanta and Decatur, the best places for BBQ in Savannah really shine.

So, whether you’re craving a hefty plate of brisket, want to dig into some ribs or are simply after a nice pulled pork sandwich, you’ll find something in Savannah to soothe your cravings. And, the best part is that they vary in style.

Drooling yet? It’s about to get even more intense as you browse our list of the seven best spots for BBQ in Savannah, Georgia.

Best BBQ In SavannahHow do these rankings work?

1. Wiley’s Championship BBQ 

Wiley’s Championship BBQ serves easily some of the best BBQ in Savannah. Come on, they’ve won championships. Here, they specialise in serving slow-cooked staples plus lots of great sides to go along with the tantalising, juicy flavours of the meat. Wash everything down with some fantastic beer or wine and you’ll understand why so many people love this historic BBQ spot.

Best BBQ In Savannah

2. B’s Cracklin’ BBQ

Craving a brisket sandwich? There’s no better place in the state of Georgia than this BBQ restaurant. B’s Cracklin’ BBQ sure does a lot of things up to perfection, including fantastic grilled cheese sandwiches and a great stew. However, few things taste as fine as their tender, tantalising brisket sandwich. It’s cooked to perfection and served smothered in a tasty sauce.

Best BBQ In Savannah

3. BowTie Barbecue Company

BowTie Barbecue Company has got a lot going on for itself. First off, they’ve got a special whiskey bar where you can take a dive into over 120 different types of whiskey. After a round or two of drinks, you’ll surely be ready to treat yourself to some of the best BBQ in Savannah. And, they serve that too. Barbecue poutine or tasty pork shoulder, anyone?

Best BBQ In Savannah

4. Sandfly BBQ

As they like to put it, the BBQ here was Memphis-born but Savannah made. And it’s that unique fusion of cultural Southern cuisines that make the flavours here so rich and enticing. If you’re a stickler for sauces, then this is easily the best place in the city for you. They serve all different styles, from a West North Carolina sauce to a sweet Memphis-style sauce. You’re gonna want to try them all.

5. Savannah Smokehouse BBQ & Brew

Few things go better together than BBQ and brews. And, Savannah smokehouse seems to know that. They play to their strengths and the desires of visitors near and far who are after some tasty BBQ alongside an ice-cold beer. They hand-slice their cuts of meat and hand-rub them on-site daily. Then, they smoke them right there at the restaurant. The aroma is irresistible.

6. Papa’s BBQ & Seafood

Papa’s has been proudly serving the greater Savannah area since 1972. So, they’ve had plenty of time to perfect their world-class recipes and fantastic BBQ dishes. You’ll want to head straight for the sandwich section of their menu. There, you’ll find truly irresistible classics such as barbecue on two buns or the Savannah-style barbecue on toast. Go ahead, try both.

7. Tricks BBQ

It doesn’t get much more local than Tricks BBQ and perhaps that’s why locals love the spot so much. The scaled-back restaurant doesn’t rely on tricks and gimmicks to draw you in. Here, it’s all about fresh quality and flavour. Hefty portions come served with delicious sides such as baked beans and potato salad. And, you can even top it all off with scrumptious Southern desserts.

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