Burgers In Taiwan

The 25 Best Burgers In Taiwan

Once you’ve had your fill of spicy hot pots, flavoursome beef noodles and bubble tea, we suggest you make a beeline to check out some of the best burgers in Taiwan. From Taipei to Tainan, this small-but-mighty nation has seriously good burger offerings.

Stack ’em high, pile on the peanut butter toppings and get ready for a feast… Here’s our pick of the absolute best.

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25th. AngryBurger – Tainan

This small and casual burger joint in Tainan is best known for its signature peanut butter beef burger, which includes a generous scoop of creamy peanut butter on top. Let it melt all over the burger and mix in with bacon and cheddar for a droolworthy bite to eat.

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24th. Daikichi Hamburg – Taipei

Come to this Japanese restaurant for a unique take on the burger, as they serve it Japan-style with a rich curry sauce, rice and fried egg on top. All the ingredients blend together for a burst of flavour that will convert you into a fan of Daikichi Hamburg for life.

23rd. Farm Burger – Taichung City

Farm Burger feels like a little hidden jewel in the city: walk up the stairs to the 1st floor and you’ll find some of the best burgers in Taiwan. What makes them so good? It’s all about the seasonal ‘fresh-from-the-farm’ ingredients and premium beef that they mince themselves daily.

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22nd. Play Hamburger – Hualien City

Burgers at this funky spot come stacked high with all sorts of tasty toppings,  from gooey fried eggs to crispy bacon and lots of cheese. The beef is juicy, the fries are thick and handcut and they also have amazing onion rings. What’s not to love?

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21st. Selfish Burger – Taipei

Believe us when we say that a meal at Selfish Burger will turn you into a selfish person… You’re not going to want to share these burgers with anyone. Take your pick from nine delicious creations, including a truffle mushroom burger; blue cheese; apple and cinnamon chicken or regular specials. Yum.

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20th. No.2 Burger – Kaohsiung City

For no-frills, all flavour hamburgers, this low key burger joint in Kaohsiung City ticks all the boxes. The juicy beef patties are griddle smashed to sear in all the flavour, just like you’ll find in any good roadside diner in the US. Generous toppings of cheese and soft buns finish it off nicely.

19th. Burger Joint 7 – Taichung City

This hugely popular burger bar in Taichung City now has five locations – a testament to just how much people love this place. With creamy milkshakes and homemade, freshly baked buns with tender beef, we can see why it’s such a hit. Order the Macaroni Cheese burger for a feast. It comes with queso cheese sauce, melted American cheese and creamy macaroni pasta.

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18th. Oldies Burger – Taipei

There’s 19 incredible burgers to choose from at Oldies Burger, a super creative spot in Taipei. There’s fun, hip vibes and the burger menu includes lots of unique toppings. Add on Japanese scallops, Mexican BBQ short rib beef, parmesan crisps, maple-chipotle sauce and plenty more to the prime US beef burgers.

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17th. Bravo Burger – Taipei

Let’s hear if for Bravo Burger, who provide the hungry folk of Taipei with excellent burgers at all three of their stores. It’s an American-style restaurant so expect big portions and even bigger flavours. The blue cheese burger with buffalo whiskey sauce is divine, but you can’t come here and not try their iconic peanut butter burger.

16th. A&G La Fusione – Tianwei Township

This stylish restaurant is a hotspot for authentic Italian foods, with their silky pastas and pizza a major draw. What a lot of people don’t know though, is that A&G La Fusione is home to one of the best burgers in Taiwan. They combine classical cooking with great ingredients for a truly delicious burger in a soft brioche bun.

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15th. Beast Bar & Grill – Kaohsiung City

As the name hints at, the burgers here are tasty beasts, with big portions of juicy beef patties that come topped with all sorts of delicious toppings. There’s a Mexican burger with spicy chilli con carne, or a must-eat peanut butter burger. This one comes with thick bacon, cheese, creamy peanut butter and a sweet raspberry jam.

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14th. Table Joe – Hsinchu City

Table Joe takes burgers in Taiwan to a new level, with a tempting menu of super gourmet burgers. There’s an indulgent 7oz steak burger with goose foie gras and pan-fried shitake mushrooms that’s an essential eat. If that’s not your style, you can dig into classic bacon and cheese or a kimchi and pulled pork beauty. You’ll find the perfect burger here.

13th. KGB: Kiwi Gourmet Burgers- Taipei

This excellent New Zealand-style burger bar is all about the small details, using only NZ grass-fed beef and lamb ,and  they make all the patties & sauces themselves on site. With an extensive menu of 24 beef burgers, 13 chicken burgers, 15 vegetarian, six vegan and two lamb burgers, you’ll be sorted for choice.

Try the lamb burger (below) with honey lemon feta, tzatziki, tomato, shaved cucumber & rocket.

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12th. Le Blanc – Taipei

We named Le Blanc steakhouse among our list of the best steaks in Asia in 2019, so it’s safe to say the folk here know a thing or two about quality beef. Your eyes will be drawn to the pink and juicy steaks and fresh lobster, but the burger here is worth a visit alone. Made with top quality beef in a pillowy soft bun, it comes with unlimited fries. Heaven.

Burgers In Taiwan

11th. Kooks – Taipei

Funky and colourful art adorns the walls of this great little restaurant that boasts a menu full of good things to eat. There’s tasty pastas, sandwiches and wraps, but the burgers are a real highlight. Try the Cheese Mania, which has a cheese-stuffed beef patty that’s covered in even more cheese.

P.S. There’s also a second location tucked away north of Tamsui town.

Burgers In Taiwan

10th. Pash Burger – Taichung City

Pash Burger puts a huge amount of pride into its burgers, baking all their own burger buns daily and using only the highest quality US beef. It’s been a go-to spot for burger fans in Taichung City since 2008, thanks to a menu of trendsetting burgers. Try their softshell crab burger or the ‘Carnivore’ with bacon, sausage, fried pork neck and BBQ chicken!

Burgers In Taiwan

9th. Man Cave Burger – Taipei

Man Cave Burger is still flying relatively low under the radar, so we suspect its loyal fans might not be too pleased that we’re sharing this secret gem with the world. But burgers this good deserve to be shouted about! Made with 4oz US premium beef, the burgers are grilled to order for a juicy bite that will have you drooling with joy.

Burgers In Taiwan

8th. Wagyu Burger – Taipei

This popular burger spot is one of a couple places that serves wagyu burgers in Taipei. But we’re calling it: they definitely do it the best. Made with 100% wagyu beef, the burgers are juicy, tender, and have the perfect amount of pinkness in the middle. You can order the burger to be cooked just how you like it, but we suggest leaving that up to the experts here.

Burgers In Taiwan

7th. Burger Bus – Taichung City

Burger Bus is a fun, British-inspired restaurant with all sorts of interesting decor and a menu full of classic comforting burgers. You can choose between wholewheat buns or bamboo charcoal buns, with more than a few yummy creations. Toppings include homemade peanut butter, chilli, sweet relish and cheddar cheese.

Burgers In Taiwan

6th. Juicy Burger – Tainan City

As the name suggests, the burgers here really are wonderfully juicy. With thick beef patties that are dripping in flavoursome jus and fresh toppings, these are a must-eat. The beef patties are flamegrilled for an intense and smokey flavour that’s the perfect base for layers of cheese and bacon.

Burgers In Taiwan

5th. Sheep + Pony – Taipei

This hip restaurant is a firm favourite among foodies in the know in Taipei, who flock here for a menu of tacos and homemade burgers. The droolworthy burgers come sandwiched in between fresh and doughy brioche buns and there’s plenty of topping choice. Grab a seat in the cute outdoor patio and await your burger feast.

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4th. The Freen Burger – Hshinchu City

The Freen Burger has a few stores, all super passionate about fresh, homemade dishes that use the best local ingredients. They bake their soft buns with Taiwanese flour and dry-age US prime beef themselves for a burger that’s almost too perfect to bite into. Once you do though, you won’t be able to stop yourself devouring it in minutes.

Burgers In Taiwan

3rd. Burger Ray – Taipei

Burger Ray is so popular that you’ll often see lengthy queues outside the door as hungry fans line up for a burger feast. It moves quick though, and these bad boys are worth the wait! The burgers here are so juicy that Burger Ray even includes plastic gloves for when you eat tackle it. Indulge in sheer gluttony with their foie gras Heart Attack Burger.

Burgers In Taiwan

2nd. Burger & Co. – Taipei

Burger & Co. is one of Taipei’s most-known burger joints and its reputation is well earned. Their burgers look fast food-esque but taste very gourmet. They keep things simple, focusing on smashed beef patties, ooey gooey cheese, fresh salad toppings and perfectly soft buns. You’ll see why it’s one of the best burgers in Taiwan with your very first bite.

Burgers In Taiwan

1st. Hungry Jacob – Taichung City

As for our top pick among the tastiest burgers in Taiwan? Hungry Jacob in Taichung City focuses solely on burgers, and oh boy do they do them perfectly. They use Australian beef that’s cooked to a tender medium-rare and topped with all sorts of delicious things, with each burger inspired by a different country. There’s a Korean kimchi burger, Hawaiian burger with pineapple and ham or a peanut butter burger with black sesame seeds.

Burgers In Taiwan

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The #2 Burger is an amazing place to have great hamburgers and all of the great choices of sides. The French fried potatoes are fantastic!!! You should definitely try this great restaurant called #2 Burger.