Best Chicken Wings In Durham

The 7 Best Places For Chicken Wings In Durham

Durham chicken wings are amongst some of the best wings in all of the USA. Don’t believe us? We scoured the state in search of the spots with the tastiest, crispiest, most tender and juicy wings around. The result? A delicious array of places all with quality wings.

And, because we love helping other travellers out, we’re giving you this list as a gift. Think of it as a flavourful, foodie-filled gift you can take and dip in some of North Carolina’s best sauces. The state produces some of the world’s best BBQ, but now it’s time to try the wings.

Put on some eatin’ pants and get ready to dive into the best chicken wings in Durham. These are the kind of spots you’ll be visiting more than once or twice for sure.

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1. The Original Q Shack

North Carolina is one of the BBQ capitals of the country. And, The Original Q Shack is one of the best places in Durham for traditional Southern BBQ. From smoked pork to chile-rubbed beef brisket they’ve got it all, including some of the best chicken wings in Durham. The tender meat practically melts into your mouth and they’ve come straight off the smoker, giving them a, well, smokey flavour that’s truly tantalising.

Best Chicken Wings In Durham

2. Heavenly Buffaloes

Heavenly Buffaloes sure does serve up some heavenly wings. The wings at this popular spot feature the perfect sauce-to-wing ratio in every bite. And, with 19 wet sauces to choose from, seven dry rubs and even vegan wings and sauces…even the pickiest of eater is sure to find something they love here. They’ve also got locations in Chapel Hill and Greensboro, ensuring you’re never too far from these world-class wings.

Best Chicken Wings In Durham

3. Tasty Stop

If you’re not looking for it, you could miss this super-local chicken spot. But, that’s part of what makes it so great. It feels like one of the city’s hidden little secrets, offering up some super crispy wings that are always cooked to perfection. And, while they’ve got lots of options for flavours and sauces, be sure not to miss out on their Garlic Sriracha wings. They’re spicy and bold, just like great chicken wings should be.

Where to Eat Wings in North Carolina

4. Wings Over Chapel Hill

It’s worth point out the obvious. This wings spot is a few minutes away in Chapel Hill. But, as a traveller, it’s well worth the visit. They’ve got a seemingly endless list of flavours to choose from. It starts at Wimpy, cruises up to West Texas Mesquite and then finally to flavours called Korean Sweet Fire and Jet Fuel. The unique flavours alone warrant a visit, but the chicken itself is consistently cooked to tender perfection.

5. Devil’s Pizzeria & Restaurant

You’ll find some of the best chicken wings in Durham at the most unassuming spots. And, Devil’s Pizzeria is one such spot. Despite turning out some of the city’s tastiest pizza pies, their wings are nothing to glance over either. They offer two options for wing-hungry visitors. Order traditional buffalo-style wings or get the boneless chicken tenders that are a bit crispier. Both are fantastic. Go ahead, get both.

6. Mr. Shark Fish & Chicken

When you’re craving just a simple yet flavourful basket of wings, few places are better than Mr. Shark. And, if you get a combo you’ll be able to enjoy the fine flavours of their fries and coleslaw. Get them crispy and dry or tender and loaded up with sauce. It doesn’t matter how you order them, each and every style they serve offers a unique, tantalising flavour that you’ll fall in love with immediately.

Durham NC Chicken Wings 2020 Best

7. DeeLuxe Chicken

DeeLuxe Chicken is your one-stop-shop for some of the South’s finest fried chicken. From the buttermilk fried chicken straight on through to their buttermilk fried wings, it’s all bursting with traditional flavours that are hard to find outside of North Carolina. The wing basket is under $8 and even comes with a side and some Texas Toast. It’s hard to beat that kind of value for the flavour you’re getting.

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