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The 7 Best Places For Chicken Wings In Knoxville

Calling all wing lovers: get yourself down to Tennessee for some of the best chicken wings in the US. From Memphis to Nashville, there’s all sorts of tasty wing joints here. So, we’re giving a special shout out to the best chicken wings in Knoxville. Bring an appetite and dive into the places below…

Best Chicken Wings in KnoxvilleHow do these rankings work?

1. Wings Xpress

Wings Xpress doesn’t need any introduction. The restaurant is famous not just in Knoxville, but in the entire state of Tennessee! It offers chicken wings in 11 different flavors so you can enjoy the crispy deliciousness in the flavor of your choice.

2. Big Kahuna Wings

The restaurant specialises in serving hormone-free, dry-rubbed and organic chicken wings. With a long list of available sauces that you can add to your order of wings, Big Kahuna Wings is a great place to come if you have a craving for amazing chicken wings.

3. Myrtle’s Chicken and Beer

Myrtle’s Chicken and Beer is the place to come for a good meal for the heart and soul! The restaurant’s fried chicken is one of the best in Knoxville. Its sauces include Neyland’s Aioli, Benton’s Bacon Fat Gravy, Tennessee BBQ, Creamy Buttermilk, Blue Cheese and much more.

chicken wings Knoxville

4. The Hill Bar & Grill

The restaurant is a must-visit place if you’re for in the mood for delicious, crispy, well-fried chicken wings. Let’s be honest, when are we ever not?! The Hill Bar & Grill also has live music, a bar and lots of other really great food. The wings are topped with their great selection of sauces and are served with blue cheese for dipping.

chicken wings Knoxville

5. Sweet P’s Barbecue & Soul House

The restaurant has great music, amazing service and truly exquisite food. The smokey chicken wings it serves are huge and flash-fried in spicy garlic BBQ sauce and rubbed in soul rub for a dry wing. Crunchy, juicy, and oh-so tasty.

chicken wings Knoxville

6. Dead End BBQ

The Dead End BBQ has an amazing list of sauces for its well-fried chicken wings. Its jumbo smokehouse wings are seasoned with Dead End Rub, smoked for 4 hours, and served with cool ranch to give you the best eating experience. It’s a top spot for some of the best chicken wings in Knoxville.

chicken wings Knoxville

7. Jackie’s Dream

Jackie’s Dream really is nothing less than a chicken wing lover’s dream place. The restaurant offers great service and serves great Southern fried chicken wings. The chicken wings can be topped with amazing sauces including Buffalo Ranch, Knox Hot sauce and cheese.

chicken wings Knoxville

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