Filipino restaurants Orange County

The 7 Best Filipino Restaurants In Orange County

We recently released the best Filipino restaurants in the US, but when it comes to tasty Filipino fare, no other state in the US does it better than California. So, we’ve rounded up our top picks of the best Filipino restaurants in Orange County.

From sizzling sisig to creative fusion food, these places will transport you straight to the streets of Manila…

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1. Irenia

This iconic restaurant in Santa Ana has had many a stellar review, but it now no longer does a full dinner service, so keep an eye out for supper clubs and special rice bowl pop-ups. They’re known for their boundary-pushing, modern Filipino eats with a focus on seasonal dishes.

2. Pinoy Pam’s

If you’re looking for a Filipino food fix, Pinoy Pam’s in southern OC ticks all the boxes. It’s proper homestyle, honest cooking, with crispy lechon, pata pata, sisig and all the classic dishes on the menu. There’s also a market attached, so you can browse for Filipino goodies and snacks after your hearty feed.

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3. MFK By Aysee

Want something a little less… traditional? This badly kept secret gem in Anaheim has just eight rice bowls on its fusion menu, including Pork Belly Adobo and the Bistek Tagalog. You won’t need much more choice than this, as they’re all delicious.

Be sure to order their pretty “Purple Drank” on the side, which is a tasty blend of horchata and ube.

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4. Gerry’s Grill

When it comes to consistently good, classic comfort food, you can never go wrong with a meal at Gerry’s Grill. Gerry’s is a popular Filipino chain that serves up all sorts of tasty eats ranging from Filipino favorites – Sisig, Inihaw na Pusit, Crispy Pata, Beef Kare-kare or Adobo Shreds – to exotic cuisines. It’s nothing fancy, just homestyle delicious food that’s always cooked to perfection.

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5. Ellen’s Pinoy Grille

Ellen’s Pinoy Grill has a strong reputation for its authentic food, especially their pork belly sisig. It’s simply no-fuss, all flavour Filipino cooking that never disappoints. Whether you chow down on their famous sisig or opt for another of the many tasty dishes, you’ll be a big fan of this place. Friendly staff are the cherry on top.

Filipino restaurants Orange County

6. Green Banana Leaf

Green Banana Leaf’s loyal Orange County customers often drive out of their way just to get a taste of the amazing food in either the Chino Hills or Artesia stores. Using traditional recipes, they perfectly cook up all the sweet, sour, tangy and savoury flavours you find in proper Pinoy food.

Filipino restaurants Orange County

7. Barrio

Barrios a funky Filipino restaurant that has a trendy, health-conscious twist. The entire menu is also 100% gluten-free and dairy-free, yet still has all the flavours you know and love. Dig into sushi-grade ahi tuna kinilaw (Filipino ceviche) with corn chips and 12-hour marinated pork, chicken and shrimp skewer plates.

Filipino restaurants Orange County

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