The 7 Best Pizzas In Hawaii

Sure, Hawaii might be famous for luaus where you’ll find everything from poi and pig to poke and lomi salmon. But, as a traveller, sometimes you’re just craving something simple and filling. You know, like a hot, cheesy pizza.

And, we don’t blame you. After you fill up on poke and poi, you’re going to want to treat yourself to one of the best pizzas in Hawaii. From Honolulu to Maui, you’ll find that the Hawaiian islands are filled with great places for a fantastic pie.

Don’t believe us? Check out our picks for seven of the best pizzas in Hawaii. You might even have to plan a special island-hopping trip just to try them all. Sigh…sounds horrible.

Best Pizzas In HawaiiHow do these rankings work?

1. Big Kahuna’s Pizza – Honolulu

With a quarter of a century in business, these are pies that have been honed to perfection over the years.

The secret? It’s all about the dough that they make in house daily, and which cooks up perfectly. They aren’t shy with the toppings either; if you are super hungry try their cheese dough balls on the side.

Best Pizzas in Hawaii

2. James Angelo’s Underground Pizza – Kamuela

They serve both whole pies and pizza by the slice at James Angelo’s. Once you discover this place you are going to be hooked for life. You may not be able to look at another pizza the same way again after tasting a slice here.

The combination of big flavours, huge portions and friendly staff make this a winner every single time.

3. J. Dolan’s – Honolulu

You don’t often see great pizza served in an Irish bar, but this is the exception to the rule. This is the sort of place you are going to grow very fond of very fast.

You can sip a beautiful pint of Guinness while you wait for your beautifully hand crafted pizza to arrive. They have a huge list of toppings and encourage you to get creative and to build your own from scratch.

4. Pizza Hawaii Deli – Hilo

New York style, hand-tossed pizza with fresh dough and sauce made every morning. The also source all their vegetables locally which makes for an outstanding pie.

Having one of these delivered to your door is one of the great pleasures in life. Served piping hot they ooze flavour in every single bite.

Best Pizza in Hawaii

5. Sophie’s Gourmet Hawaiian Pizzeria – Honolulu

Their pies are thin with a blistered crust, which gives them a wonderful crunch and texture. Their dough and sauces are made from scratch every day and their selection of cheeses go way beyond mozzarella.

One thing is certain here and that is that your pizza will never be boring. You can look forward to a taste sensation.

Best Pizza in Hawaii

6. Brick Oven Pizza – Kalaheo

They’ve been baking their pies here since way back in 1977. With over four decades experience and a passionate customer base, you know you are in for a serious treat.

The crusts are thick and toppings are piled high so make sure you are ready for some serious eating. They have some wonderful suggested combos, or else you can make your own pizza from scratch.

7. Brick Fire Tavern – Honolulu

Their dough is proved for over 24 hours before being cooked in less than two minutes in a piping hot oven. The result is a wonderfully traditional traditional Neapolitan-style pizza.

With all the natural ingredients being of such high quality, you can keep the toppings simple. Absolutely world-class.

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