Burgers In Scotland

The 25 Best Burgers In Scotland

With such famously great beef, it’s no surprise that you’ll find plenty of spots for a burger feast across Scotland. From cosy inns in the countryside serving up juicy patties to stylish city burger joints, there’s some fantastic burgers in Scotland to add to your must-eat list.

We’ve rounded up the burger heroes – the ones you simply have to try – for 2020. Ready to get stuck in?

Best Burgers in Scotland in 2020How do these rankings work?

1. Bread Meats Bread – Edinburgh

This family-owned business places a huge emphasis on sourcing the very best ingredients and preparing everything in house. The end result? Nothing less than a truly spectacular burger.

They are also not shy with the portions, so make sure you are seriously hungry when arriving. Easily some of the best burgers in Scotland.

2. Salt Horse Beer Shop & Bar – Edinburgh

First, of all, you will be tempted by the 12 keg lines of great beer and over 300 different bottles of beer to choose from. But before getting down to the business of drinking you’ll want some nourishment, and that comes in the form of a cracking burger.

Add in friendly staff and a great buzz in the place and this is somewhere you will be returning to on a regular basis.

3. Bloc+ – Glasgow

Bloc+ is one of the slickest places you will ever eat a burger, as it doubles up as a live music venue that hosts DJs on a regular basis. The burger here is a true piece of art and the fact that they have great veggie and vegan options means there is something here for everybody.

You won’t want to leave in a hurry, so have a cocktail or two!

4. The Chop and Ale House – Champany Corner

You’ll find this lovely little restaurant and inn on the outskirts of Linlithgow, just 20 minutes west of Edinburgh. As they say themselves, they are “the home of fine Scotch beef, great wine and a good night’s sleep.” What more could you possibly want form life?

The burger itself is a simple affair in a classic style that ticks every single box perfectly.

5. Burgers and Beers Grillhouse – Edinburgh

An award-winning gourmet burger restaurant situated on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile where they mix great food with a selection of superb craft beers.

They lean heavily on their suppliers and work from the basis that the food should be coming from farm to plate within a couple of days. As soon as you take that first bite, you know you are going to be in for a very special experience indeed.

6. El Perro Negro

The beef comes from small farms across the UK and is always grass fed and always dry aged. The result is a burger that is so juicy and so full of flavour that it should nearly be made illegal! But hey, please done because it’s too tasty.

They keep it classic in terms of toppings which makes sense, because with core ingredients this good why complicate things?

7. Brewdog Castlegate – Aberdeen

Brewdog started the craft revolution and are quite possibly one of the most famous exports that Scotland has produced in recent years. Food is playing an increasingly important part in their offering, and the burgers are the prime example.

The perfect place to come with a group of friends to have some great food and wash it down with some quality beers.

8. Burger 7 – Airdrie

They offer high quality American BBQ-style cuisine, which means everything from brisket, wings and ribs. While those all taste amazing, the true star of the show is the burger. The smokey taste along with the perfectly crisp bacon and oozing cheese make this an absolute delight to eat.

One of the tastiest burgers in Scotland? No doubt about it.

9. East Coast Burgers – Montrose

The sort of place to come and enjoy a cheat meal and to really let your hair down. Huge portions, big flavours and a massive varied menu make this a winner every single time.

The mac and cheese burger (pictured below) is a beast to try and tackle, but you’ll be rewarded by a flavour sensation. There are also lots of other imaginative toppings to choose from or you can make your own burger.

10. BlackHorn Burgers – St Andrews

BlackHorn Burgers place huge emphasis on sourcing the beef from local farmers and making sure they know where everything comes from.

This huge attention to detail manifests itself to you in the form of one of the greatest burgers you will ever taste. Their sauces and relishes are the perfect final touch to an epic meal.

11. The Butchershop Bar and Grill

It all comes down to the beef here, which is hung on the bone and dry aged for up to 45 days. They are best known for their steaks but to write the burger off would be a truly foolish move.

The patties are large and juicy, and with such amazing beef they let it shine by keeping the toppings relatively simple. As close to a perfect burger as you are ever likely to find.

12. Porters Bar & Restaurant – Dundee

Situated at the heart of Dundee’s vibrant City Quay, this is a brilliant place to come and have a meal with friends or family. Their super cocktail list and friendly staff will have you relaxing in no time.

The burger itself is that perfect size to just grab in two hands and get stuck right into. Forget about the cutlery and the sauce dripping all over you and just unleash your inner carnivore on this bad boy.

13. Byron – Edinburgh

Byron is a popular chain that has made its way North from England and who have nailed the burger done to every last detail. The fact that they have been focusing on this for so long and have economies of scale means you get that perfectly consistent experience every time you come here.

If you are up for a big eating challenge, the double patty is well worth a try!

14. Down the Hatch – Queensferry

This wonderfully friendly and cosy spot serves up North American influenced food, with quality locally sourced local ingredients.

The menu is one of those where you literally want everything they are offering but sadly have to cast aside some dishes for a future visit. If you do have to go for one thing it simply has to be the burger, They stack it high and load it with toppings; with the sauce oozing out from every angle you are in for a serious treat.

Burgers In Scotland

15. Little Steak House – Paisley

This beautiful little cosy room comes alive as it fills up with locals who know all too well the treats that await them.

While as the name suggests, they do indeed do a mean steak, the burger is quite simply irresistible. Classic in style with perfect portions and simple toppings, so you will savour every single mouthful. Easily one of the best burgers in Scotland.

Burgers In Scotland

16. Angus & Ale – Aberdeen

Expect seriously good cooking that is prepared with the precision of a fine dining restaurant but without all the pomp and ceremony. The fact that it comes with a huge selection of great beers is the cherry on top.

The burger itself is a beast so you’ll do well to tackle it all and finish it in one sitting. It is packed full of flavour and has some awesome toppings.

Burgers In Scotland

17. Monterey Jack’s – Sterling

With several locations dotted around Scotland, they have a super loyal customer base who know quality when they see and taste it. What will get you excited at first is a great drinks menu, with lots of great options and creative cocktails..

The burger is a mixture of the absolute freshest ingredients, classically served and piled high for maximum enjoyment.

Burgers In Scotland

18. The Crafty Pig – Glasgow

This truly unique space is a mixture of an upmarket neighbourhood bar colliding with a dive bar and a little sports thrown into the mix. The whole blend just works perfectly – it is a place you could spend hours in easily.

The food is every bit as comforting and fulfilling as you could ever wish for from a bar menu. At the top of the list though is the burger, which will leave you feeling totally satisfied.

19. Smashburger – Dunfermline

With seven locations across England and Scotland, Smashburger are growing in popularity; once you get your hands on their burgers you will see why.

The key ingredient here? Well, simplicity. The burgers are just smashed, seasoned and seared to perfection. With a great set of vegan and veggie options too this is somewhere you can bring all the gang.

Burgers In Scotland

20. The Lioness of Leith – Edinburgh

In the shell of a derelict pub with a dark history in the heart of Leith, Edinburgh, ‘The Lioness of Leith’ opened as a bar/bistro in December 2013.

They are well known for their cocktails and also do a great fried chicken, but the true winner here is the beef burger. A creation so magnificent you will wonder where it has been your entire life. Double patty it up for some serious meat gains.

Burgers In Scotland

21. The Boozy Cow – Edinburgh

The list of things they serve includes burgers, cocktails, hot dogs, frosted beers and boozy shakes, so it instantly tells you that you are going to have fun here.

We also applaud them for being totally honest and banning anybody under the age of five years old. This is after all, a place for grown ups to come and have some serious fun. The portions are big, so make sure you have a serious appetite.

Burgers In Scotland

22. The Old Inn – Dunfermline

Enjoy live sport throughout the pub with a dedicated area at the main bar or chill out in the upstairs lounge where you’ll find a more relaxed vibe.

It might be an inn first and foremost, but it will be the food that keeps drawing you back in particular. The burger is sublime and has been perfectly thought out in terms of textures and flavours. Prepare to get seriously addicted to this burger.

Burgers In Scotland

22. Meat Bar – Glasgow

Meat Bar is a kickass steakhouse and basement bar serving craft beer, meat cocktails (yes, you read that correctly) and carnivorous treats!

Most people are drawn to the steaks but their burger is like a pieces of art that has been created by master chefs. It looks simple on the outside, but when you bite into the centre you see what all the fuss is about. Quite simply world-class.

Burgers In Scotland

24. Bubba Q – Edinburgh

They focus on smoking lots of different meats and turn them into treats that are made for indulging in. You’ll find nachos, ribs, wings and loaded fries but save yourself for the burger.

You’ll be hooked from the very first bite and already be planning how soon you can visit again. One word: perfection.

Burgers In Scotland

25. Tonic – Dundee

Tonic are known for their cocktails, coffee and burgers and are absolute experts at serving all three. If you asked us, they couldn’t have picked a more important mission or group of food and drink to serve.

Their burgers come on the most wonderfully lush buns and are loaded with toppings and sauces that taste insanely good. You won’t be forgetting this burger experience in a hurry.

Burgers In Scotland

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Missed off two great places in Bridge of Allan! Wagyu burgers from the JamJar and HW Grill… I hope you’ll try them next year!


Supplying buns to 4 of the places on this list makes us feel very proud
Congratulations to Bread meats bread, Butchershop, El Perro Negro and Meatbar.

Seb and Mili, Glasgow