The 7 Best Places For Chicken Wings In Nevada

When travelling through Nevada, most people have got their eyes set on Sin City. And, no trip to Vegas is complete without a dive into the wonderful, vibrant foodie culture that makes the city such a hotbed for tourists.

And, seeing as you’ll likely be busing doing, well, lots of other things, sometimes all you’re in the mood for is a quick meal of something fresh and tasty. Wings, anyone? That’s right, Las Vegas and the entire state of Nevada are home to some of the best chicken wings in the United States.

Served fresh, hot, tender and tasty just like you like ’em, the best chicken wings in Nevada are going to impress even the pickiest of eaters. And, you’ll be delighted to know that you can find them all over the state. Prepare to drool…

Best Chicken Wings In NevadaHow do these rankings work?

1. Q Bistro – Las Vegas

Q Bistro is pretty famous for its Korean-style fried chicken. And, on top of it all, they also host fun karaoke nights. Chicken wings and karaoke…what more could you ask for out of a visit to Sin City? Their spicy rice cakes are fantastic, the vibes are quality, and once you take your first bite of the chicken wings, you’ll understand why so many people think they’re some of the best in the state.

2. Joe Bob’s Chicken Joint – Sparks

If you’re travelling through Nevada, stopping off in Sparks is actually a great idea. It’s a quaint local town that’ll give you a better sense of the local culture than heading to Vegas will. And, you’ll be able to sample some of the best chicken wings in Nevada while you’re there. Joe Bob’s Chicken Joint cooks their wings up fresh. And, the quality is due to the fact that they select plump, juicy chicken sections to marinate.

Image: @wingstagramsf/Instagram

3. 595 Craft And Kitchen – Las Vegas

Craving craft beer and wings? This is the spot for you. In fact, they serve up some of the best comfort food in the whole city.  While they’ve got some great loaded fries, burgers and subs on the menu, the wings are seriously on a whole different level. It’s the perfect place to visit with friends and share some tasty bites as you wash it all down with great beers.

4. Noble Pie Parlor – Reno

Noble Pie Parlor sounds like a place that serves up some of America’s greatest pizza pies. And, they do. But, if you’re in Reno, you’re going to want to stop off here just to sample the savoury chicken wings. Served with ranch or bleu cheese and paired deliciously with one of the craft beers they’ve got on tap, their burg-style wings are great as an appetizer or even as a full-on meal.

5. Jack’s Place – Boulder City

With cold beer on tap and a fantastic list of burgers and wings to choose from, Jack’s Place is the place to be in Boulder City. The vibes here are great, whether you’re seated inside or outside on the airy covered patio. Order a basket of wings, which come lightly breaded, grilled to crispy perfection and served with the sauce of your choosing. Do yourself a favour and sample the BBQ sauce. It’s out of this world.

6. J.J’s Pie Co. – Reno

At J.J.’s Pie Co. they keep things simple. Tender, plump and juicy wings come in just four varieties and flavours: Mild, Medium, Hot or Nitro. Feelin’ a bit wild? Definitely opt for the Nitro, which is about as hot as a human mouth can handle. Or, stick with the Mild and let the fantastic flavours of the chicken itself overcome you. Regardless of what you choose, they’re easily some of the best chicken wings in Nevada.

Image: @alexbmilitante/Instagram

7. Voodoo Wing Co. – Las Vegas

The idea at Voodoo Wing Co. is simple. First, you choose how many wings you want. Then, you choose the flavours you’re after. Finally, choose the dipping sauce. Yeah, it’s that easy to get a platter full of specially-ordered, flavourful wings delivered straight to your table. And, because they’ve got so many flavourful combinations, you’re never going to be bored sampling wing after wing here.

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