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7 Travel Tattoo Ideas That Will Inspire Serious Wanderlust

Whether you’re a globetrotter who’s travelled to all corners of the world and wants to remember your trips or you just want a permanent reminder to be a bit more adventurous, these creative travel tattoo ideas will have you running to your nearest tattoo parlour.

From iconic skylines and co-ordinates of a special place to matching travel tattoos for you and your wanderlust buddy, here’s our top picks of travel-inspired ink designs.

Beautiful Travel Tattoo Ideas

1. Compass

North, South, East or West – where will you go next?

Image: @sarinha_viajante/Instagram

2. Tropical Airplane Views

This fun, colourful tattoo will make you feel like you’re always on vacation.

Image: @zsezse_ink

3. Around the World

This pretty, delicate tattoo is perfect for globetrotters. We love the mix of cute paper airplane, stars and globe!

Image: @makeartcofeltre_tattoo

4. World Map

Want to travel the world? This minimalist map outline will inspire you with where to go.

Image: @olegbadyk

5. Passport Stamps

Remember your favourite trips with these funky passport stamp-inspired tattoos.

travel tattoo ideas
Image: @roumenkirinkov

6. ‘Wanderlust’

Keep things simple with a clean font tattoo with your favourite travel phrase.

travel tattoo ideas
Image: @immarianarocha

7. Matching Travel Tattoos

There’s some great travel tattoo designs for best friends. Whether it’s the co-ordinates of your first trip together or a cute symbol (like the paper planes below)…

travel tattoo ideas

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