Best Chicken Wings In Aberdeen

The 7 Best Places For Chicken Wings In Aberdeen

We’ve ranked the best chicken wings in Glasgow and the best chicken wings in Edinburgh, but what about the wings in Aberdeen? This Scottish city deserves some love too. And, the wings here are so good that it’s pretty easy to find great spots to sample some tender chicken.

Not sure where to go? From some of the city’s hottest bars and social clubs straight on through to the Irish pubs and even a Mexican restaurant, the best chicken wings in Aberdeen are hidden in plain sight all over the city. Here’s where you can find the absolute best.

Best Chicken Wings In AberdeenHow do these rankings work?

1. The Pig’s Wings

With a name like The Pig’s Wings, you’d be tempted to think that the spot only serves up pork dishes. But, this spot is actually an award-winning deli serving up some of the city’s best sandwiches and comfort food. For just £5 you can order five wings smothered in the sauce of your choosing. Get them hot and spicy or simply fried and crispy, they’re all honestly extremely mouthwatering.

Best Chicken Wings In Aberdeen

2. Maggie’s Grill

Fantastic BBQ and authentic Cajun cuisine are the specialties at here, Aberdeen’s premier spot for scrumptious soul food. Using craft ingredients they cook everything here fresh to order, including their super tender chicken wings. They smoke them low ‘n slow with a special dry rub and then serve them with a tantalising, tasty BBQ sauce. Dip them with blue cheese to really round out the meal.

Best Chicken Wings In Aberdeen

3. Bridge Street Social Club

You’ll head to Bridge Street Social Club if you’re looking for a fun time. And, once you’re there you’ll likely get a little hungry. It’s a good thing they’ve got one of the tastiest menus around. From chicken and waffles to burgers and loaded fries, it’s all tasty. But, nothing beats the chicken wings. Order boneless wings smothered in Mild, Hot, Insane, Sriracha or BBQ sauce. Or, just try them all!

Best Chicken Wings In Aberdeen

4. The Bobbin

The Bobbin is right across the street from Aberdeen University, so you better expect that the pub is home to sports shows, pub quizzes and lots of open mic nights. To round out all of the fun, they serve some lip-smacking chicken wings, too. Stop by on a Wednesday and order wings for just 25 cents apiece. Then, douse them in their special sauces, such as Ghost Chilli, Fiery Buffalo and BBQ Mop.

5. O’Neill’s

You’d expect the city’s top Irish pub to serve great chicken wings, right? In this case, you’re definitely right. O’Neill’s serves everything from pulled chicken and fried chicken bites to stone-fired pizzas. But, it’s their salt and pepper prime chicken wings that have us drooling. Here, instead of sauces, you can order dips to plunge them into. From BBQ and Buffalo to Katsu Curry and Korean-style Sticky BBQ, they have it all.

Best Chicken Wings In Aberdeen

6. Revolution Aberdeen

Revolution Aberdeen is another spot where you’d head to with friends if you’re after a fantastic fun time. And, while the bar is known to host some wild nights, their chicken wings are pretty famous too. BBQ or WTF wings are both on the menu. But, the bar also hosted the Carolina Reaper Wing Challenge last year. The challenge? Eat all ten of their super spicy wings within five minutes and you didn’t have to pay for the meal.

7. Chiquito

Chiquito has got to be the UK’s most well-loved Tex-Mex restaurant. And, if you’ve ever tried true Tex-Mex in Texas then you’ll know that it mixes traditional Mexican flavours with Texas tastes and, in this case, even Texas BBQ. Order the Hot Habañero chicken wings or stick with the BBQ wings for a more traditional taste. Paired with a house margarita, you’ll be experiencing a whole flurry of unique flavours.

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