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7 Of The Best Food Documentaries To Watch On Netflix

There’s no better time than now to fuel your food curiosity with an incredible documentary. Whether you are self-isolating or in a quarantined area, there are loads of films showcasing the art of food to keep you occupied. We narrowed it down to the seven best food documentaries that either have a significant cultural influence or an emphasis on culinary arts. Enjoy.

Best Food Documentaries on Netflix

1. Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Jiro Dreams of Sushi is the inspiring true story of Jiro Ono and his renowned sushi. This documentary paints sushi as a work of art and shows the dedication and effort that goes into each piece. It’s perfect for any Japanese food enthusiasts looking to learn more about the worlds most celebrated sushi chef.

best food documentaries

2. Barbecue

This documentary is an open love letter to barbecue around the world. Barbecue showcases cultures around the world who all share a love for smoked meat. From secret recipes and rituals to a shared communal bond, this documentary shows that barbecue is more than just meat.
best food documentaries

3. Theater of Life

Theatre of Life follows Italian chef Massimo Bottura and his quest to open a soup kitchen. Eager to give to the less fortunate, he opens a soup kitchen where he makes gourmet dishes for the needy. Even better? It’s all made from what would have been food waste. Chef Massimo is not only giving back; he’s creating a more sustainable way of charity and ethical route for waste.

best food documentaries

4. Somm

Grab a few glasses and treat yourself to this excellent wine documentary. Somm trails the lives of four wine experts preparing to take the master sommelier exam. Their expertise and determination will be put to the test as they gear up for one of the world’s most difficult and prestigious exams.

5. A Matter of Taste

If you are a fan of creative fine dining, A Matter of Taste is for you. This thrilling documentary tells the story of Paul Liebrandt, an innovative, risktaking chef known for his controversial and often strange dishes. Beer and truffle soup and calf brains and foie gras are just a few of his innovative dishes that you’ll see discussed in this interesting food doc.

6. Soul Food Junkies

Soul Food Junkies brings culinary traditions and histories to life. In this cultural food doc, Byron Hurt showcases the roots and stories behind soul food and how it’s ingrained into the African American identity. Whether you are a soul food junkie yourself or just looking to learn more about regional cuisine, this documentary is for you.
best food documentaries

7. Kings of Pastry

Got a sweet tooth? Kings of Pastry is the perfect fix. This syrupy sweet documentary trails the lives of 16 pastry chefs. Watch their culinary creations come to life as they compete for France most coveted award – Les Meilleurs Ouvriers de France. Kings of Pastry is exciting, mouthwatering, and an inside look at what goes into creating the perfect dessert.
best food documentaries

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