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7 Of The Best Global Cuisines To Try

Is there any more difficult question than which country has the best food? From traditional Andalusian tapas, Icelandic lamb soup, Chinese pecking duck and more, there are loads to choose from around the globe. We can’t include them all, so we narrowed it down to the seven best global cuisines based on history, popularity and of course – flavour. Here they are.

7 Best Global Cuisines

1. Mexican

Mexican food is dense, flavourful and loaded with character. Loved all around the world, it is ancient and holds tight to its Mesoamerican roots, making it truly unique. In addition to being jam-packed with rich flavours, it also has its own UNESCO standing. Mexican food is extremely diverse with enchiladas inspired by the pre-Mayans and chiles rellenos’ ties to colonialism.

best global foods

2. Indian

Indian food is synonymous with spices. It’s an adventure of the senses. An experience. No rules apply when it comes to how much herbs and spices go into an Indian dish. The stars of the show include star anise, cardamom, cayenne, nutmeg and turmeric. Take your pick from crispy samosas, scorching curries to creamy korma.

3. Italian

It’s no secret that Italy is home to some of the world’s most iconic and delicious dishes. Rich, robust tomatoes, olive oil, garlic and fresh herbs all come together to make Italian food so special. The secret is enhancing the natural flavours of rich, fresh ingredients in one amazing dish. Like other great cuisines, Italian food is full of time tested family recipes and regional masterpieces such as rissoto to ribollita.

best global foods

4. Japanese

Japanese food is all about precision, poetry and freshness. Whether you’re looking for world-class sushi, brothy ramen or spiked natto, Japan has it all and then some. Not only that, but the food is also largely seasonal and goes much deeper than taste. It’s about the presentation, regional customs and ancient principles of flavour. In Japan, it’s not just savoury – it’s umami.

best global foods

5. Georgian

While little known, this tiny Caucasus nation is home to some of the world’s most rich, diverse and unique foods. Take your pick from Adjarian khachapuri, a cheese boat with a raw egg cracked on top and a generous slab of butter. Or badrijani nigvzit, walnut paste and eggplant mashup. Either way, you’ll be surprised to find that Georgian cuisine is nothing like it’s Russian or Middle Eastern neighbours, but a beast of its own.

6. Greek

Similar to Italian food in terms of simplicity, Greek food works magic with natural flavours. Copious amounts of olive oil, fresh herbs, lemon, yoghurt and spiced meats keep it simple yet delectable. Despite centuries of East and West influence, the Greek table has managed to remain authentic. From deliciously fresh seafood, roasted meats, dolmades and fresh cheeses, there’s something for everyone.

best global foods

7. Thai

Spicy, sour, savoury, sweet – you’ll find all four flavours in most Thai dishes. Influenced by Chinese, Malaysian, Indonesian and Burmese cuisine, you wind up with flavours that just can’t be matched. Take your pick from massaman curry, som tam or of course everyone’s favourite – pad Thai.

best global foods

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