Chicago Lock Down

Chicago Lockdown: Photos & Videos Of An Empty Windy City

As the Chicago lockdown continues with further restrictions because of the coronavirus outbreak, people are sharing photos of its streets totally empty. Chicago’s residents can still go to grocery stores, put gas in their cars, take walks outside and make pharmacy runs. The Windy City is eerily quiet.

One of America’s busiest and most vibrant cities is now a ghost town. The entire state of Illinois is under a “stay-at-home” order until at least April 7th. People are working from home. Only a handful of essential employees are out and about and making their way around the city.

Nobody knows just how long the coronavirus self-isolation will continue. But for now things in Chicago are seriously quiet. Here’s some photos that show what life is like here during the coronavirus…

The busy highways leading into the city are completely empty…

One lucky little guy called Wellington the penguin was allowed out for a tour of the zoo. With no human visitors, the penguins at this Chicago aquarium had lots of fun.

This is a beautiful piece of footage which really captures just how quiet Chicago is. A city transformed in just a matter of days.

Public spaces and well-known landmarks are all empty… All tourist hotspots have beenshnut

Although, some people have been busy violating their self-isolation to create street art…

Most people are now fully locked down, in a city with 2.7 million residents.

Let’s just hope that this passes as quickly as possible, and that the Chicago lockdown is very temporary. While communities may struggle, people need to stick together and get through this with a collective spirit.

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There is a much larger agenda at work, economic reset, loss of rights, military more present, possibility of a world war.