Travel Destinations To Avoid With Coronavirus

7 Travel Destinations To Avoid During The Spread Of Coronavirus

This week, the CDC recommended avoiding all cruise travel, leading thousands of passengers to look into cancelling their trips. However, they only recommended that high-risk travellers avoid air travel altogether. So, if you’re not a high-risk traveller, should you still travel as the coronavirus continues to spread? It depends

We’ve covered the seven countries most affected by the coronavirus. But, what comes next? The Oxford Journal of Travel Medicine published data regarding the countries most vulnerable to novel coronavirus infections. The study evaluated patterns of international disease transmission could change. And, they used this to develop their list of the cities where they’re predicting to see outbreaks next.

Each city comes with its own Infectious Disease Vulnerability Index (IDVI), the destination’s ability to control infectious disease, which was used to help rank the likelihood of a potential outbreak. While the spread could change course, these are the seven travel destinations to avoid with coronavirus continuing to spread in the coming months.

Travel Destinations To Avoid As Coronavirus Spreads

1. Bangkok, Thailand

Due to the population density and the total passenger volume, combined with the fact that Bangkok has an IDVI ranking of .71 (the higher is better; .71 actually isn’t bad for Southeast Asia), Bangkok ranked as one of the biggest travel destinations to avoid with the coronavirus. Researchers seem to think there’s a high chance of an outbreak.

Travel Destinations To Avoid With Coronavirus

2. Singapore

Singapore has a higher IDVI ranking than Bangkok. At .878, this means that the city and the entire country is a little more well-prepared in terms of controlling any potential outbreak that might occur. It doesn’t seem to receive as many international travellers as Bangkok, however, which lowered its overall risk in the study.

Travel Destinations To Avoid With Coronavirus

3. Seoul, South Korea

Seoul ranked just slightly below Singapore. Both the IDVI ranking and the total volume of travellers through the city were only slightly higher than that of Singapore. So, it barely squeaked into the No. 3 spot. With over 7,000 reported cases now, South Korea is currently the fourth most-affected country in the world.

Travel Destinations To Avoid With Coronavirus

4. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo had the highest IDVI ranking out of any travel destination in the top 15 destinations on the list. With a ranking of .926, Tokyo, according to the study, would be very able to manage an infectious disease should an outbreak occur. The No. 4 ranking seemed to be due to the fact that Tokyo receives many international travellers from China.

Travel Destinations To Avoid With Coronavirus

5. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Currently, Malayasia ranks below China, South Korea, Japan and Singapore in terms of reported coronavirus cases. Throughout the entire country, only there are only 129 cases to date. However, with over 64,000 direct travellers arriving in Kuala Lumpur, researchers believed the city is one of the top five travel destinations to avoid as coronavirus spreads.

6. Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Phnom Penh had a pretty low IDVI. It scored a total of .355. And, this means that the city isn’t very prepared in the case that there’s a widespread outbreak of coronavirus. This seemed to drastically increase its ranking as it doesn’t receive as many direct or total passengers as other travel destinations on this list.

7. Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei ranked slightly higher than the remaining three cities in the top ten (Ho Chi Minh City, Manila, and Denpasar, Bali, respectively). It received a slightly lower IDVI ranking than Bangkok and the other cities previously mentioned, accounting for its lower ranking.

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