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7 Countries Most Affected By The Coronavirus

As the coronavirus outbreak goes global, with more than 97,000 infections across the world, some countries are experience more severe outbreaks than others. The countries most affected by coronavirus are mainly in Asia, Middle East and Europe. Want to know which countries to avoid? Here’s a full list.

As always, check official government advice before travelling, as the situation is constantly developing. But as of March 6th, here’s where in the world the virus had hit the hardest. The WHO says that there are now about 17 times as many new cases outside China, as in it.

Countries Most Affected By The Coronavirus

1. China

  • Confirmed coronavirus cases: 80,552
  • Recovered: 53,734
  • Deaths: 3,042

2. South Korea

  • Confirmed coronavirus cases: 6,284
  • Recovered:  135
  • Deaths: 40

3. Italy

  • Confirmed coronavirus cases: 3,858
  • Recovered: 414
  • Deaths: 148

4. Iran

  • Confirmed coronavirus cases: 3,513
  • Recovered:
  • Deaths:

5. Germany

  • Confirmed coronavirus cases:  545
  • Recovered:  16
  • Deaths:  0

6. France

  • Confirmed coronavirus cases:  424
  • Recovered:  12
  • Deaths:  7

7. Japan

  • Confirmed coronavirus cases: 360
  • Recovered:  43
  • Deaths:  6

There’s also 696 cases from the Princess Diamond Cruise Ship in Japan, which saw 40 cases recovered and six deaths. Other countries battling the virus include Spain (282 cases), the USA (233 cases) and the UK, with 116 cases.

You can keep track of a live coronavirus cases map by country here. Or, check out our live blog for travel and industry updates.

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