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7 Of The Most Incredible ‘Virtual Views’ In The World

If you’re getting a little bit tired of your view right now, whether that’s your living room in self isolation or your office, these virtual views of some of the best scenery in the world will cheer you up.

From the Grand Canyon to paradise islands in the Maldives or Fiji, take a break and transport yourself somewhere totally different…

Best ‘Virtual Views’ In The World

1. Grand Canyon – Nevada, USA

Now you can see one of the most famous sights in the US without ever leaving home. It’s tough to describe the view, so see it for yourself…

Grand Canyon NPS på Twitter: "Good Morning from Grand Canyon ...

2. Mount Fuji – Fuji,  Japan

See Japan’s tallest peak from 28 different livestream cameras, all placed at different angles.

Rescuers recover a body on Mt. Fuji after climber falls while ...

3. Mount Ranier – Washington, USA

Is the mountain out? What’s the weather like in the park? Mount Ranier has world-class vistas that re-define spectacular year-round.

Mt. Rainier Fact Sheet | Visit Rainier

4. Meeru Island – Maldives

Meeru Island Resort & Spa’s Live Cameras offer panoramic, real-time views from sunrise to sunset. It’s pure paradise the perfect escapism tool.

5. Sydney Harbour – Sydney, Australia

Settle in for this iconic view of Sydney Opera House and the city’s scenic harbour. You’ll almost feel like you’re right there… It looks just as amazing by night as it does by day.

6. Takoriki Island – Fiji

Want to feel like you’re really on vacation? Tune into this live virtual view of Takoriki Island from the rooftop of Sheraton Resort & Spa.

7. Yosemite Falls – California, USA

This stunning livestream shows the 2,424-foot-tall waterfall’s top section, Upper Yosemite Falls. It peaks in summer, but the views right now are still pretty damn great.

virtual views


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