largest cruise ships in the world

The 7 Largest Cruise Ships In The World

With approximately 28 million people embarking on cruises annually, the industry is growing faster than ever. With the rise of cruisers, the ships are seeing growth too. Royal Caribbean and others are dominating the industry with colossal cruise liners equipped with limitless restaurants, world-class entertainment and luxurious amenities. Whether you’re headed for the Caribbean or Mediterranean, there is a cruise on this list for you. Here are the seven largest cruise ships in the world.

Largest Cruise Ships In The World

1. Symphony Of The Seas – Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean’s Symphony Of The Seas takes the cake for the world’s largest cruise ship at 228,081 tons and capacity for 6,680 guests. This gigantic ship boasts 24 pools, 22 restaurants, and stellar entertainment such as Broadway’s Hairspray. Not only that, you’ll also find surf simulators, laser tag, an ice rink, zipline and so much more.

largest cruise ships in the world

2. Harmony Of The Seas – Royal Caribbean

Another Royal Caribbean giant has made the list for largest cruise ships in the world. This motherload of a ship comes in at 226,963 tons and can hold up to 6,687 guests. Onboard, you’ll find world-class shows like Broadway’s Grease and a massive variety of bars and eateries, 28 to be exact.

largest cruise ships in the world

3. Oasis Of The Seas – Royal Caribbean

Our next pick comes in at a whopping 225,282 tons and can carry 6.687 passengers. This dream of a cruise ship boasts 7,000 pieces of artwork along with an incredible green area home to over 12,000 plants. This vessel truly is a city at sea.

largest cruise ships in the world

4. Allure Of The Seas – Royal Caribbean

This colossal 225,282-ton cruise liner totes up to 6,687 guests across Europe and the Caribbean. Onboard you’ll find seven distinct ‘neighbourhoods’ along with a world-class spa and incredible lounge areas. Don’t forget to slip away to the adult-only solarium for the ultimate relaxation.

largest cruise ships in the world

5. Costa Smeralda – Costa Cruises

This Western Mediterranean voyager is one of the largest in the world coming in at 182,700 gross tons and a capacity of 6,522 guests. Hop along the crystal clear coasts of France, Spain Italy and the Balearic Islands in Costa Cruises’ truly magnificent Costa Smeralda. Even better? This ginormous oceanliner is eco-friendly and powered by liquified natural petrol.

largest cruise ships in the world

6. MSC Grandiosa – MSC

This 181,000-ton floating city first set sail in November 2019 which means it’s still brand spanking new and complete with the latest innovations. Onboard the 6,334 passenger cruise line, you’ll find a world-class Balinese spa, Cirque du Soleil performances, a bowling alley and so much more.

largest cruise ships in the world
image: Круизи/Facebook

7. MSC Meraviglia – MSC

Lastly we have the MSC Merviglia – this seriously impressive sea liner boasts 171,598 tons of unique amenities like a fine arts museum and fully loaded amusement park. In addition to extraordinary amenities, the deck plan truly is magnificent. Once onboard, you’ll find a beautiful galleria complete with charming boutiques, a massive LED dome and sprawling pool area for some r&r.

largest cruise ships in the world
image: Resia/Facebook
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