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Choppers & Drones Enforce Social Distancing On World-Famous Beaches

Even though most countries in the world have strict social distancing laws in place, some of the most famous beaches are still attracting huge crowds. With people not quite getting the message, the police have had to step in. Social distancing is the new norm, and that applies to beaches too. How to enforce social distancing in such a wide area? Choppers and drones are the way forward, apparently.

From Brazil and Australia to Florida and even cooler climates like the UK, the beach seems to feel like a safe spot for many. You can walk and enjoy fresh air, right? Well, it looks like way too many people had the same idea. Now governments are using choppers and drones to enforce citizens to stay metres apart from others.

Here’s some photos and videos of drones cleaning the most famous beaches in the world amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

Bondi beach is one of the most iconic beaches in the world, but after it was rammed over the weekend, strict new rules and enforcement have come into place…

The Australian government made the decision to ban gatherings of over 500 people on the beach.

With Spring Break in full flow, many US students took to the beaches in Florida, but the scene looks very different now. The crowds have vanished…

Police in Brazil have even been forced to use helicopters to clear the world famous Copacabana Beach…

The French police are also taking the threat of people socialising at the beach seriously and have been using drones to spread the message loud and clear..

Police have been clearing beaches all over the world to help slow down the spread of coronavirus:

In most coronavirus hot spots, the beaches have been completely closed – even for walks.

Although, in some countries like Ireland and England, people have continued to ignore the advice of their governments…

Beaches looked like this only a couple of days ago. It may be some time before we see these sort of crowds again. The most famous beaches in the world might be quiet for some time…

We’d love to go back to a time pre-coronavirus and look back at the 50 Best Beaches In The World. For now, use it some daydreaming inspiration…

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Big 7 Travel Team
Big 7 Travel Team

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