The 25 Best Sandwiches In England

Sandwiches In England really are among the very best in the world and are elevated to a remarkable standard and taken very seriously indeed. Indeed it is said that the entire concept of a sandwich was created by an English Earl in the 18th century.

What is essentially a simple concept (tasty fillings between 2 slices of bread) has evolved to a point where there are some brilliantly innovative creations and riffs on the classic concept. This list marries the standard-bearers with the more contemporary modern versions.

There was some serious competition but we have a list with some wonderful creations on it for you. All you need to do is eat your way through the 25 best sandwiches In England

Best Sandwiches In EnglandHow do these rankings work?

25th. Sandwich Sandwich – Bristol

When it comes to the best sandwiches in England, this family-owned shop in Bristol knows a thing or two about quality. They’ve been serving tasty sandwiches to visitors for over 30 years, delivering everything from mouthwatering York ham and homemade mustard sandwiches to a delicious New York Deli-style sandwich. The secret to their success? Lots of passion and high-quality locally-sourced ingredients.

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24th. Wildmoor Deli – Bovey Tracey

While locals might know and love Wildmoor Deli for their fantastic selection of wines and cheeses, it’s their sandwiches that actually have us drooling all over the place. At their cafe and wine courtyard, you’ll find over 50 wines, guest ales, ciders and an extensive lunch menu. Sandwiches feature meat and cheese straight from their own market deli, so it’s all incredibly fresh and bursting with flavour.

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23rd. Chandos Deli – Bath

This New York-style deli serves great food that’s pure and simple. And, it’s that simplicity that makes it all taste so scrumptious and savoury. They source authentic ingredients from all over the world to craft some of the best sandwiches in England. Take this beauty, for example. It features fennel-cured Salami, extra mature cheddar, sweet mustard and slaw. You’ll be ordering seconds for sure.

22nd. Fresh From The Sea – Cornwall

Fresh From the Sea serves, well, fantastic and delightful dishes fresh from the sea. They specialise in sustainable Cornish Fish, Mackerel and Pollack while also serving fresh lobster and crab caught daily in Port Isaac. This means that you can treat yourself to a fresh crab or lobster sandwich, which are both made to order and served on their delectable wholemeal bread. It doesn’t get fresher than this.

21st. Banh Mi Keu Deli – London

Craving Saigon street food but can’t make it all the way out to Vietnam? Banh Mi Keu is your best bet for a Vietnamese-style sandwich in London. Made to order and super fresh, their sandwich offerings including everything from Vietnamese classics alongside an iconic London crispy pork belly. Order the BBQ Pork sandwich as it features some savoury, scrumptious honey-glazed pork shoulder.

20th. Tender Cow (Mackie Mayor) – Manchester

Visiting Mackie Mayor is a must for any foodie in Manchester. And, while you might feel distracted by the other food hall vendors and the delectable aromas that waft out of them, we can guarantee you that a visit to Tender Cow definitely lived up to the hype. With a focus on lesser-known cuts of beef, they serve up unique, mouthwatering plates and sandwiches. In town early? Devour this bacon and egg sarnie to start your day.

19th. Ludlow Kitchen Cafe – Shropshire

There’s nothing that this kitchen and cafe doesn’t serve up to perfection. From cakes, biscuits and artisan cheese to handmade butter and their own farm-reared meat, everything here seems to feature a truly fresh taste. While their sandwich menu is simple, it’s definitely not short of flavour. Just sample their rare roast beef sandwich to see what we’re talking about.

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18th. Damascena – Birmingham

Syrian food has never tasted so good. Damascena is a staple in terms of the Birmingham sandwich scene, and it’s easy to see why. Delight your palate with their massive, authentic sandwiches.  How does tangy chicken dressed in paprika, chilli flakes and lemon zest sounds? Accompanied by red cabbage, red onion, pickles and garlic dressing, it’ll tantalise your taste buds in a way you’ll never forget.

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17th. Pennyhill Park Hotel – Surrey

Set against 123 acres of Surrey countryside, Pennyhill Park Hotel offers up a slice of luxury amidst tranquil surroundings. Visit for an exceptional break from life as you indulge in Michelin star dining and some of England’s finest afternoon tea. The Latymer is a Michel star restaurant that’s an absolute must during your stay, but their afternoon tea menu is where you’ll find some of the best sandwiches in England. Finger sandwiches include mature cheddar and roast pickle along with honey roast ham and roast chicken.

16th. Delilah Fine Foods – Nottingham

Nibbles, snacks and fabulously fine wine set the stage for a flavourful experience at Delilah Fine Foods. This Nottingham cafe is home to a delicious variety of cheese platters and Italian wines. However, nothing tastes as good as pairing their world-class cheese with some bread and other savoury ingredients. Order it all sandwiched between fresh sourdough, focaccia or ciabatta bread.

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15th. Burger and Lobster – Manchester

Enjoy the affordable luxury of lobster at Burger and Lobster, a staple on the Manchester restaurant scene. A sandwich that pulls all of the best flavours from burgers and lobster rolls, expecting nothing short of top-notch and tasty.  It’s packed full with tender lobster, caught just off the coasts of Nova Scotia in Canada, dressed in mayo and served in an iconic toasted brioche bun.

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14th. The Cornish Deli – St. Ives

Fantastic local meats, cheeses and other regional specialties make up the menu at The Cornish Deli. Here, they bring the best quality Cornish and regional produce to their customers. From Cornish roast beef to Cornish roast ham, they sure to deliver their promise on local, authentic flavours. While you’re there, definitely try the Cornish Burger too, which comes with 100% prime Cornish and melted Cornish cheddar.

13th. Baltic Bakehouse – Liverpool

You’ll undoubtedly visit Baltic Bakehouse for the bread, as do the majority of other travellers near and far. However, you’ll stay for the fantastic breakfast and the delicious sandwiches they serve up using their world-famous bread. Their rotating menu is written on a chalkboard weekly, featuring sandwiches such as Lamb Kofta and an Ultimate Grilled Cheese. Mature cheddar and Comtė? Yes, please!

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12th. The Norfolk Deli – Huntstanton

Freshly-cut sandwiches here are bursting with flavour and absolutely dripping with quality ingredients. Here, they’ve got sandwiches down to a near science, committed to creating the perfect balance of bread, cheese and other toppings. Cheese lover? You won’t be able to resist their four cheese toastie. They combine four of their best cheeses, melt them together, and serve them in a sandwich that practically tastes like heaven.

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11th. Kracklin – Newcastle

Kracklin serves a variety of gourmet fresh roast meat sandwiches daily, using only the finest local produce and ingredients. From poutine to salt beef, it’s clear after the first bite of any of their sandwiches that they’re fully committed to providing only the finest roast meat around. Order the Porchetta Roast, an Italian sandwich featuring mouthwateringly tender pork. They cook it low and slow and then season it with aromatic herbs.

10th. Sub Cult – London

Relying on premier suppliers of some of England’s finest deli ingredients, Sub Cult is able to craft some of the best sandwiches in England. They start with soft American deli-style sub rolls that they’ve freshly baked to perfection. Then, they add in world-class ingredients and other toppings that work to create superior taste. Try the meatball hero for something especially flavourful. Just look at how drool-worthy it is.

9th. Water Lane Boathouse – Leeds

Tasty, cold beer and some of the world’s finest wine both flow freely at the Water Lane Boathouse, a meeting spot of sorts for lovers of great food and drink in Leeds. This bi-level pub showcases a seasonal menu that’s always full of fresh, local fare. Not sure what sandwich to order? The Reuben is pretty fantastic, but so is the Boathouse Club. It’s got butter roast chicken, prosciutto, avocado, cheese, tomato and garlic aioli.

8th. Max’s Sandwich Shop – London

There’s a lot to love about Max’s Sandwich Stop, and while it all traces back to the superb sandwiches, it’s about more than just some meat-filled pieces of bread here. It all starts with passion. The owner’s so passionate about sandwiches that they’ve written a book called The Ultimate Guide to Creating Perfection Between Two Slices. And, create perfection they do! There’s not a sandwich on the menu here that’s not absolutely delicious. Do yourself a favour and try them all.

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7th. The Halfway House – Cheltenham

You might not expect to find some of the best sandwiches in England at this 17th-century inn, but as soon as you enter you’re greeted by the smell of fresh, traditional food. Here, they take traditional pub food and kick it up a notch. This means that their roast sandwich features roast pork loin, sage, onion, cranberry and a smoked bacon stuffing. It’s not your traditional roast sandwich; it’s so much better.

6th. Bread & Meat – Cambridge

Honest, excellent food is what Bread & Meat claims their focus is. And, we’ll be honest and say that their sandwiches are truly excellent. Here, you can indulge in everything from fine roast meats on sourdough bread to poutine, craft ales and great coffee. It might be hard to decide what to try first, so we suggest starting with this super saucy BBQ chicken sandwich. It’s thick and loaded up with superbly roasted chicken that’s tender and flavourful.

5th. Deeney’s – London

It’s funny to think that this Scottish-style toastie store might serve up some of the best sandwiches in England, but they definitely do. They’re famous for their Macbeth haggis toastie, which comes with hot haggis, cheddar, caramelised onion, mustard and rocket. And, since you’ll undoubtedly fall in love with the flavour and want to order seconds, opt for upgrading to the Hamish Macbeth, which has got smoked bacon thrown in.

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4th. The York Roast Co – York

With a focus on the finest British ingredients and a touch of Yorkshire charm, The York Roast Co is famous locally and nationally for their world-class sandwiches. The famous YorkyPud wrap is a true work of art. The giant Yorkshire pudding wrap comes with your choice of succulent pork, turkey, ham or beef and rolled into a tasty treat with roasted veggies, stuffing, gravy and sauce. Never had one? You’re about to enter foodie paradise.

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3rd. Dishoom – London

From their famous Bombay breakfast to the afternoon chai and late tipples in the prohibition-style bar, Dishoom is quite an intriguing place to indulge in the rich tradition of Irani cafés that were such a crucial part of life in Bombay. Order the Wrestler’s Naan Roll, which is named for its wrestler-sized portions. It comes loaded with Ramsay of Carluke’s smoked streaky bacon, peppery pork sausages and runny-yolked egg.

2nd. Northern Soul Deli – Manchester

Inventive and elevated grilled cheese sandwiches are the specialty here. Northern Soul Deli is the #1 grilled cheese shop in the UK. And, after sinking your teeth into these imaginative and wildly elaborate sandwiches, we think you’ll understand why. The Turk come with their special three-cheese blend along with dana style lamb and beef kabob, tomato, onion and cucumber salsa. It’s impossible not to fall in love with food when it tastes this good.

1st. The Dusty Knuckle – London

Dusty Knuckle started their business in a 40 foot steel container and have grown from there to become one of the best bakeries in the UK. Today, they use their expertise to craft some truly tantalising sandwiches. And, the secret to the fine flavours lies in the fact that they craft as much as they can in-house. From Labneh to Harissa to their succulent Salt Beef, it’s all just so fantastically prepared and with such care.

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