Thai-Style Morning Glory

Thai-Style Morning Glory

This Thai-style morning glory is a staple dish in Thailand that is served as a side dish with so many meals. If you’ve ever visited Asia and want to recreate this unique tasty vegetable dish, this recipe is perfect.

This is the latest dish in our series of recipes that all have 7 simple ingredients and can be cooked in less than 30 minutes.

The dish is made using water spinach, which might not be available where you are (check your local Asian supermarket!) but you can easily replace it with kale, spinach or even broccoli. This takes minutes to cook and will quickly be added to your repertoire of go-to dishes.

Thai-Style Morning Glory: Ingredients

  • Morning Glory aka water spinach (or regular spinach will work also)
  • Red chillies
  • Garlic
  • Fish sauce
  • Soy sauce

Chop the veggies in half if they are too long. Peel and slice the garlic as thin as you can. You can leave the seeds in the chillies if you want an extra kick, or remove them if you don’t want it to be too spicy.

Heat up a large pan or wok to a medium to high heat. Fry the garlic and chillies, whilst constantly keeping them moving. This will take less than 60 seconds and it is key they don’t burn, as that would taint the whole dish.

Add in the water spinach and turn the heat down. It will only take about 60 second to cook as it is a super tender vegetable (as is regular spinach).

Thai-Style Morning Glory

Add in a good splash of fish sauce.

Thai-Style Morning Glory

Finish the dish off with soy sauce and season with salt and pepper. The whole cooking process should take less than 5 minutes.

Thai-Style Morning Glory

Serve it up piping hot with whatever main course you have cooked.

This Thai-style morning glory really is the perfect side dish. Enjoy!

Thai-Style Morning Glory

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