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An 8-Hour Testing Process On Arrival: One Woman’s Experience Of Flying

We all knew that the experience of flying was going to drastically change in a post-coronavirus world. Just as security was a big factor after 9/11, we all expected extra health checks would be the new norm as passengers return to the sky.

Today, we’ve been given a glimpse into what that future might look like. One woman (journalist Laurel Chor) chronicled her journey from London to Hong Kong, with a stop off in Paris. Her fascinating Twitter thread on the experience might reassure you about flying and put you off, in equal measure.

The process will certainly vary from country to country, but Hong Kong are certainly taking things very seriously.

The Experience Of Flying Into Hong Kong Started With An 8 Hour Wait…

Although the flight was fairly quiet, there were some lengthy steps to get through upon arrival…

The process involved getting issued with a kit to self-test for Covid-19 and a form with various questions to answer…

Clear video instructions show you how to do the test, before you get your own private booth to conduct the test…

Then, the long waiting game begins….

Even when you do get through the process, officials give you another kit to test yourself in 10 days. You must report back these results.

This would give you a lot of confidence from a health perspective, but it must be an exhausting process after an 8 hour flight. Would you fly under these conditions?

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Big 7 Travel Team
Big 7 Travel Team

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