Packed American Restaurants Reopening

Photos: Packed American Restaurants Are Reopening Despite Closure Orders

With huge debate about whether social distancing measures should be relaxed across the USA, new scenes have emerged of packed American restaurants reopening. With a combination of good weather and Mother’s Day celebrations, people started venturing out in droves over the weekend.

While some states still have strict lockdowns in place, others are well on the way to be fully opening as they were before. In viral videos and photos shared on social media of customers flocking to restaurants, face masks, social distancing and any semblance of fear are all absent…

Packed American Restaurants are Reopening

There was uproar after a restaurant in Colorado Springs opened for a Mother’s Day brunch. All restaurants in Colorado are under orders to close for dine-in until May 31st at least. One report describes the scenes in the video below…

C&C Coffee and Kitchen, a breakfast and Korean kitchen at 4284 Trail Boss Drive, had a line out the door about 10 a.m. Mother’s Day. Families of all sizes filed in past a “bouncer” with a visible sidearm. Every seat was taken as folks dined in. The floor was packed with people standing, waiting for coffee or take-out orders. One person could be seen wearing a mask inside the building.

The same restaurant had a fairly thought-provoking poster in the window… “Our freedom doesn’t end where your fear begins. If you are scared stay at home!”

While some people are practicing social distancing, the crowds are still tight in many takeaway joints. Photos and videos of customers ignoring social distancing measures are all over social media.

It’s not all bad: at least some business owners are obeying the rules. This queue at a drive through coffee store proves that people can live in quarantine and still get good coffee…

Not all restaurants are as busy as C&C Kitchen in Colorado, but some states are certainly opening up with minimal social distancing in place. Restaurants in Texas and Tennessee, for example, are hopping with customers. It seems too early as of yet to tell what the implications might be.

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