simple homemade salad recipes

7 Simple Homemade Salad Recipes You Can Quickly Master

This selection of simple homemade salad recipes is the perfect place to help you start with healthy eating. Nothing beats cooking your own food and these dishes are so simple they suit all levels.

The key with all these salads is finding good quality ingredients. Spend that little bit more if you can afford it for better produce. Just like all our recipes they feature just 7 simple ingredients.

Time to get stuck into some of these utterly delicious salads…

Easy Homemade Salad Recipes

1. Seared Tuna Steak Salad With Apple & Cucumber

We created this seared tuna steak salad for people who struggle with cooking fish but wanted something impressive but easy to start off with. The ingredients are simple to prepare, the flavours big and bold and everything takes less than 20 minutes. An absolute dream of a dish!

simple homemade salad recipes

2. Cajun Chicken & Mango Salad

Salads can often be a bit bland and leave you still feeling hungry, but this recipe for a chicken and mango salad is a dish that will leave you fully satisfied. Juicy, tasty and super healthy.

simple homemade salad recipes

3. Larb Gai Lettuce Wraps (Thai Minced Chicken Salad)

This simple Thai minced chicken salad recipe is super simple to prepare and is full of flavour. They make perfect snacks for an outdoor party or as an appetiser, giving you a delicious flavour of Thailand in little bite-sized pieces.

4. Capocollo Salad With Potato, Avocado & Soft Boiled Eggs

We wanted to create a tasty meal that was wholesome and hearty enough that it left you feeling full, which is exactly what this capocollo salad with potato does. Add in some soft boiled eggs and avocado, and you are in for a seriously tasty dish.

5. Rainbow Roasted Vegetable Salad With Roast Lemon Yoghurt

In terms of veggie side dishes, they don’t come any more colourful or tasty than these rainbow roasted vegetables. Add in the intense flavour of the roasted lemon yoghurt and you are in for a massive treat.

6. The Freshest 5-Minute Salad Recipe You Will Ever Taste

Some ingredients go so well together that when you first try then you are stunned. That’s certainly the case with this 5-minute salad recipe.

It has only three ingredients (watermelon, feta, and mint) but they come together beautifully to create one of the freshest and flavour intense salads you could ever imagine.

simple homemade salad recipes

7. Sweetcorn, Coriander & Lemon Couscous With Chargrilled Chicken

This coriander and lemon couscous will dispel any concerns you had about what can often be a dry and tasteless dish. Couscous – when done right – is moist and should be a real pantry staple. To say this recipe is bursting with flavour and goodness would be the understatement of the year.

One of the most simple simple selection of homemade salad recipes you will ever come across.

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Big 7 Travel Team

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