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7 Ways To Support Your Local Restaurants During Covid-19

It’s never been easy running a restaurant, but it’s harder than ever right now. Razor-thin margins for survival aren’t an easy combination with forced closures or social distancing measures, so it’s no surprise that the hospitality industry is struggling. We all need to pull together in whatever small but meaningful ways we can in the community.  So, to support your local restaurants through Covid-19, here’s some helpful tips on how best to go about it…

How to Support Your Local Restaurants Through Covid-19

1. Buy a Gift Card

Buying a few gift cards for later use is a great way to help your favourite restaurant or coffee shop/bar keep their doors open. It’s a win-win, since it puts money into the business immediately to help with their cashflow and gives you a treat for later. Many restaurants are offering discounts on gift cards and dining experiences right now.

Support Your Local Restaurants During Covid-19

2. Order Takeout/Delivery

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, many independent and small chain restaurants have opted for delivery platforms such as UberEats to stay open. It’s best to try order directly with the restaurant themselves (if that’s an option) as they will receive the full amount that way. Most restaurants will at least have a contactless pick-up service.

Support Your Local Restaurants During Covid-19

3. Donate to Any Fundraisers They Have

If your local restaurant has launched an online tip jar, Go FundMe or any other sort of fundraiser, try support with whatever amount you can manage. They wouldn’t ask if they didn’t really need it! This can go towards helping with rent, employee wages and other overheads that aren’t possible to reach when operating during the pandemic.

4. Tip a Little More

From picking up your coffee to the delivery driver dropping off your dinner, an extra tip goes a long way right now. Hospitality workers are putting themselves at risk to ensure food and drink businesses stay open to provide people at home with tasty meals, so show your appreciation.

5. Stock up Strategically

It’s a great idea to get your grocery supplies from small businesses or restaurant-market. Lots of restaurants have started selling produce direct from suppliers, so shop local. We recommend stocking up on produce and protein to freeze for later and other dry goods. It helps them, is healthy for you and stimulates your local economy.

6. Book for a Future Date

This helps show restaurants that there will be a demand for dine-in customers in the future. With concerns about social distancing in restaurants and the viability of opening with that, making a reservation for the future is key. It will help the restaurant plan food supplies and staffing. Let them know you’re aware the opening date is flexible, and that you are too.

7. Say Thank You!

This might sound obvious, but a simple ‘thank you’ can go a long way when you’ve been working on your feet all day to serve customers. While it is easy to get caught up in the panic and focus only on what you and your family need, it wouldn’t be possible without the employees making things tick over. These employees are more often than not working overtime too.

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