Weekend Egg Recipes

7 Delicious Weekend Egg Recipes

Brunch is one of the highlights of a Saturday or Sunday, so these weekend egg recipes are the ideal place to start. They are all super simple, and like all our dishes have just 7 ingredients or less.

Plus, the simple cooking techniques means that anybody can cook up these feasts. The one thing we would say, is try splash out on good ingredients. Free range eggs and quality produce will make all the difference.

Time to get into that kitchen and cook up an absolute feast.

Tasty Egg Recipes for the Weekend

1. Super Simple Steak & Eggs Brunch Recipe

When it comes to a must-try steak and eggs brunch recipe, we have you covered today with an absolute classic that involves just 7 ingredients.

Most people tend to eat brunch out in cafes with friends, but with this simple recipe there is no reason not to cook at home. You’ll save money and pretty much feel like a professional chef when serving this beauty up.

2. Deviled Eggs With Smoked Salmon & Rocket

There are so many wonderful things you can do with eggs, but of all the recipes, deviled eggs are one of the all-time classics. The richness of the creamy yolks with the peppery rocket and smoked salmon make this dish an absolute winner.

3. Fiery Sausage Scrambled Eggs With Spinach

These fiery sausage scrambled eggs are the perfect treat if you want to spice things up at the weekend with a delicious home brunch. This dish is good as anything you’d eat in a fine dining restaurant, plus you will be delighted with your new-found brunch skills.

4. One-Pan Brunch: Chilli Beef With Eggs

Want to cook a home brunch this weekend? This chilli beef with eggs that’s all cooked up in just one pan is ideal It’s similar to our 7 Ingredient Cheat Shakshuka Recipe, but with a lot more meaty goodness.

5. Roasted Squash With Poached Eggs, Chilli & Lemon Yoghurt

Breakfast and brunch dishes can often all blend into the same old thing, but this squash with poached eggs spices things up and is a real weekend treat. The combination of the fiery squash with the lush lemony yoghurt – combined with a perfect poached egg – is a match made in heaven.

Weekend Egg Recipes

6. Chorizo & Rosemary Ro

Every once in a while you need a serious breakfast treat: this crispy potato rosti with cheesy eggs will tick that very box. This is an ideal brunch dish that you can rustle up at the weekends for that someone special. Or,  y’know, yourself.

Weekend Egg Recipes

7. Smoked Salmon & Potato Frittata With Dill

Some weekends you don’t feel like leaving the house, which is why we created this salmon and potato frittata recipe. It’s the sort of brunch dish that you’d get in a high-end restaurant. But which you can cook in 20 minutes at home for a fraction of the price!

Weekend Egg Recipes v

You can now start working your way through these gorgeous weekend egg recipes.

If you love these recipes you will want to check out our food content over on the Big 7 Food Instagram account.

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