Classic American Desserts

7 Classic American Desserts You Need To Try

There are so many classic American desserts to indulge in when you’re in the US, but why wait to visit when you can make them at home? With travel restricted, we wanted to provide some amazing dessert recipes to get stuck into. These tasty treats will make you feel like you are in the USA with every mouthful.

These aren’t just any ordinary recipes either. They comes from some of the world’s top food bloggers. The best of the best. Make sure you bookmark the ones you like and flick through the other recipes on their sites.

Whether you have been in America and want to rekindle those tastebuds or are planning a trip these are the desserts to try out.

The Best Classic American Desserts

1. New York Cheesecake With Lemon

Cream cheese, sour cream, and eggs combine to make this a truly creamy cheesecake. One of the all time great desserts to eat if you visit America.

This recipe is by Rev.

2. Dark Chocolate Pecan Pie

Do you know how pecan pie is rich, buttery and irresistible? Well, this Dark Chocolate Pecan Pie is so much better than that! Plus it costs just 83c per serving!

This recipe is by Jess.

3. Coffee Cupcakes

There’s never a bad time for a slice of coffee cake, and the same is also true for these Coffee Cake Cupcakes. With a sweet cinnamon swirl, lots of cinnamon frosting, and a crumb topping, you can’t be blamed if you eat one of these cupcakes for breakfast!

This recipe is by Sues.

4. M&M’s Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

You’ll struggle to find many sweet treats more ‘American’ than good old fashioned cookies. This simple recipe couldn’t be easier and is the ideal place to start if you’ve never made cookies before.

This recipe is by Kanwaldeep.

Classic American Desserts

5. American Style Classic Vanilla Ice Cream

Ice cream is ice cream, right? Sort of… but not exactly. The differences are subtle, but the outcome is always delicious.

European-style ice cream uses egg yolks and is a little more like a custard. American-style ice cream doesn’t. Other than that, the process of making both styles is pretty much the same, and both result in a very creamy and delicious treat.

This recipe is by Nelson and Liz.

6. Baked Chocolate Cake Doughnuts

Incredibly light and soft chocolate cake donuts glazed with a silky, smooth chocolate ganache will satisfy all of your chocolate cravings with each scrumptious bite.

This recipe is by Winnie.

Classic American Desserts

7. Retro Apple Pie

This simple version of a classic apple pie recipe gives it a lovely retro feel while keeping the cooking technique traditional.

This recipe is by Iza.

Classic American Desserts

Why not try one of these amazing classic American desserts today?

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