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7 Arizona Slang Words To Sound Like A Local

If you’re spending some time in the state, you will want to know these Arizona slang words to help you speak like a local. From great road trips to tasty burgers, as well as enjoyable cities like Phoenix, this is a state you will want to get to know a whole lot better.

Take note of these essential Arizona phrases and you’ll fit right in – or at the very least, not be confused if somebody says one of these sayings!

Arizona Slang Words

1. Oven Mitts = Something smart people wear driving because that steering wheel is hotter than any oven!

This might seem like something from a meme, but honestly, summers get that hot.

Arizona Slang

2. Swamp box = Air conditioner/cooler

Otherwise known as evaporative coolers, this is a device that cools air through the evaporation of water. Essential for the heat.

Arizona Slang

3. Carneceria= Butcher shop

Arizona’s position beside the border means Mexican phrases are a way of life here.

Arizona Slang

4. Chubasco= Torrential rain, usually in August

Chubasco, monsoon, crazy storm – whatever you call it, summer storms are famous in Arizona.

5. Raspados = Shaved ice/snow cones

While snow cones might be the go-to term for this refreshing treat of sweet shaved ice, Arizonians use the Mexican name instead.

6. The Ten = Interstate 10

Out-of-towners tell you to take Interstate 10; locals tell you to take “The Ten.”

7. The Big Ditch = The Grand Canyon

You might be excited to see this famous natural wonder, but Arizonians are tired of the ‘Big Ditch’.

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