Corsican Dishes

7 Corsican Dishes You Have To Try

Corsican dishes have their own unique style that has evolved over the centuries to create an amazing Mediterranean cuisine. The food here is somewhere between French and Italian, yet totally unique. Corsica is famous for their olive oil, their herbs, their scrubland honey, and their chestnut flour. You might not be able to travel there at the moment but you can still transport your tastebuds to the French island.

The best thing about these recipes is they have been created by people who know wha they are talking about. They come from some of the world’s top bloggers. Make sure you check the rest of the recipes on their sites and bookmark the ones you love.

Many of these dishes are ideal for sharing so round up some family or friends to help eat all your cooking. You will instantly fall in love with these Corsican dishes.

The Best Corsican Dishes

1. Corsican Veal and Olive Stew

A Corsican specialty that pairs nicely with a Corsican red wine like Sciacarello. The veal is cooked slowly so as it melts in the mouth with tenderness.

Recipe created by Jane.

2. Cannelloni Brocciu

This simple pasta recipe is filled with the Corsican cheese Brocciu which gives them a lovely rich flavour.

Recipe created by Pascale.

3. Corsican Lemon Cheesecake – Fiadone

This flourless and moist cheesecake made with Corsican cheese brocciu (or ricotta), eggs, and lemon zest is a traditional cake of this lovely Mediterranean island.

Recipe created by Jas.

4. Corsican Omelette

The recipe is just eggs, flavoured with herbs, and stuffed with mint and goat cheese, which is a great combination, particularly for summer.

Recipe created by Kate.

5. Corsican Biscuits

These are like traditional short bread biscuits with a little twist of lemon added to give them a lovely fresh taste.

Recipe created by A Taste Of My Life.

Corsican Dishes

6. Mushroom Pâté

Made with two kinds of mushrooms, walnuts and sage, this pâté is rich and smooth, easy to prepare and it’s vegan. It will be just the thing to serve on your holiday table that will make both vegetarians and carnivores happy.

Recipe created by Jean.

Corsican Dishes

7. Corsican Chicken

A simple dish that uses big flavours and where the chicken is perfectly moist. You will quickly be making this on a regular basis.

Recipe created by Taste Of Home.

Corsican Dishes


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