Ethiopian Dishes

7 Ethiopian Dishes You Have To Try

As this cuisine becomes better known around the world, people are eating Ethiopian dishes in record numbers. Ethiopian cuisine usually consists of vegetables and often very spicy meat dishes, with injera, a sourdough flatbread, forming the foundation of many a meal as various stews, veggies and salads are placed atop of it, ready to to scoop up with chunks of the bread for hands-on eating!

Not only is Ethiopian food tasty and full of flavour, it’s also relatively easy to make. The cooking is easy to master once you know how and these recipes are the ideal place to start.

These recipes aren’t just any recipes either, as they have are by some of the world’s top food bloggers. The best of the best. Make sure check out the other great dishes on their sites too.

You might not be able to travel there right now but you can transport yourself there via your taste buds. Time to get into the kitchen and to start rustling up these Ethiopian dishes…

The Best Ethiopian Dishes

1. Doro Wot (Ethiopian Chicken Stew)

Doro Wot is a traditional Ethiopian dish made from tender chicken and boiled eggs stewed in aromatic berbere spice.

Recipe created by Zoé and Tyler.

2. Yellow Split Peas

This Ethiopian yellow split peas curry served with rice and greens is not only a satisfying and hearty dish but also a very nutritious meal.

Recipe created by Marta.

3. Ethiopian Lentil Stew

Traditionally this is served with injera, a fermented sorghum flour flat bread. The lentils are super flavoursome and ideal for serving with any salad or bread.

Recipe created by Chris.

4. Injera

The base of all Ethiopian meals is teff injera. It is a sourdough pancake type bread that is often used to mop up food instead of cutlery.

Recipe created by Emillie.

5. Ethiopian Barbecue Chicken Wings

Everybody loves good chicken wings! This version has a great kick to it and a wonderful spice mix.

Recipe created by Nisha.

Ethiopian Dishes

6. Ethiopian Sega Alicha with Gomen

The dish is straightforward to prepare and absolutely bursting with flavour. It is absolutely perfect for family dining.

Recipe created by Cookingsens.

Ethiopian Dishes

7. Yekik Alicha (Turmeric Yellow Split Peas)

It’s an Ethiopian stew made with yellow split peas, but the overwhelming yellow colouring of the dish come from turmeric. The dish is mild and has some outstanding flavours.

Recipe created by Rachel.

Ethiopian Dishes

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