European Dishes

7 European Dishes You Have To Try

European food is widely regarded as some of the best in the world and is often a big reason for people traveling there. The continent is made up of brilliant regional cuisines and is a delightful place for foodies to spend time.

With travel being seriously limited for most people right now, many people are cooking at home. Mastering new dishes is the ideal way to escape without having to physically get on a plane.

We wanted to highlight some of the best food bloggers in the world who have recreated European style dishes. These are the people at the very top of their game; their recipes and blogs are all worth bookmarking. Time to get cooking…

The Best European Food to Cook at Home

1. Classic Tomates Farcies (Baked Ground Meat-Stuffed Tomatoes)

A typical recipe from Provence, these Classic “Tomates Farcies” are the perfect addition to any Summer table. This unfussy recipe of ripe tomatoes, carved and filled with a stuffing of ground meat, herbs, bread and cheese is a staple dish in any French household.

Recipe created by Audrey.

2. German Sauerbraten Braised Short Ribs

If you’re looking for big German flavour, then these Braised Sauerbraten Short Ribs are right up your alley. For a fun twist, English-style short ribs, rather than a rump roast, are used in this updated version of a Bavarian classic.

Recipe created by Lauren.

3. Spanish Paella

This easy seafood paella, made with shrimp, clams and chorizo is a delicious one-pot weeknight dish! Under 30 minutes too cook, so it’s super quick.

Recipe created by Gina.

4. English Fish And Chips

You will find a fish and chip shop on nearly every corner you turn in England! A wonderfully simple dish that is full of flavour.

Recipe created by Erin.

5. Belgian Waffles

The waffles are famous all over the world and although you might not be able to wander the streets in Brussels, making this recipe is the ideal replacement.

Recipe created by Tati.

European Dishes

6. Spaghetti Bolognese

A true classic, everybody has their ‘go-to’ spaghetti bolognese recipe. This one however takes things to a whole new level with the added burrata.

Recipe created by Jamie.

European Dishes

7. Greek Chicken Kabobs with Yogurt Sauce

Greek chicken kabobs are marinated with lemon juice, olive oil, and herbs. Serve these with grilled vegetables and a tangy yogurt sauce.

Recipe created by Molly.

European Dishes


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