can Americans travel to Hawaii

Can Americans Travel To Hawaii? What You Need To Know

Planning a vacation to Hawaii? Here’s what you need to know about visiting the islands. Many US citizens are wondering can Americans travel to Hawaii. But take note that Hawaii has pushed back their reopening date until October! Here’s everything you need to know about Hawaiian travel restrictions…

Editor’s note: this is a developing situation. Check with the official Hawaii travel authority website before planning a trip.

Can Americans Travel To Hawaii? What You Need To Know

Hawaii officials hoped to reopen the state on the 1st of September to international visitors with a valid negative COVID-19 test.

When Will Hawaii Open for US Tourists?

Governor Dave Ige made an announcement this week that the earliest Hawaii may reopen is October 1st.

Hawaii has seen a surge in cases over the last week that promoted the state to increase securities measures.

Will You Have to Quarantine?

You can actually travel to the islands now, but the mandatory 14-day self-quarantine will remain in effect. However, the quarantine is stringent: anyone who intentionally or knowingly breaks quarantine can be convicted, facing a fine up to $5,000 or jail time of up to one year.

When the state does reopen travellers will be required to provide a negative result from an FDA-approved test from a CLIA-certified laboratory taken within 72 hours of arrival. The state has said testing won’t be done at the airport.

The governor of Hawaii said in a recent announcement that “we will continue to monitor the conditions here in Hawaii as well as key markets on the mainland to determine the appropriate start date for the pre-travel testing program.”

Should I Still Book a Trip?

If the governor does push back the reopening date again, two choices remain for travellers: cancel your trip or adhere to the mandatory two-week self-quarantine.

The decline in passengers and tourists has led to many airlines dropping flights between the mainland and the Hawaiian Islands. Southwest Airlines normally runs 12 daily flights to Hawaii, however, now they are only operating 2 flights per day.

With hotel occupancy at an all-time low (almost 23%), this has forced many to close its doors. Many hotels are accepting bookings online, but they will likely update their website later this week to adjust to the new reopening date. If you’re planning on visiting Hawaii soon, check to make sure your resort of choice is open.

can Americans travel to Hawaii

Is it Worth it?

The state has also imposed tighter restrictions on gathering sizes in lieu of a broader shutdown.

The state will adjust its no social gatherings mandate. So, no more than five people can gather, indoors or out. Face coverings are now also required at in-person spiritual gatherings and singing and wind instruments are banned.

On the island of Oahu local and state parks have been closed for a second time, this is expected to last until the 5th of September. This second wave of closures also impacts the city and private pools, as well as tennis courts.

can Americans travel to Hawaii

If you plan on visiting Hawaii any time this year just be aware that your experience will be quite different to the vacation you are dreaming of…

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