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The 7 Best Burgers In Sacramento

Often overlooked by their big city, Californian rivals, Los Angeles and San Francisco, Sacramento also has an exciting food scene. Some of the best bites to eat in the city are the burgers in Sacramento.

From simple cheeseburgers to loaded stacks, these are the seven best burgers in Sacramento.

The Best Burgers in SacramentoHow do these rankings work?

1. Broderick Roadhouse

Broderick Roadhouse is a Sacramento gem and makes some of the best burgers in the city. You’ll definitely find a burger to your liking here, as there is quite a variety of burgers on their menu.

With many burgers to choose from, you can keep things classic or go rogue with delicious toppings and different sauces.

Broderick Roadhouse Sacramento

2. Scott’s Burger Shack

Scott’s Burger Shack makes some tasty burgers at very reasonable prices. The vibe here is fun and has a vintage aesthetic, with their blue picnic-like tables outside giving it a 1950’s burger joint charm.

Try the Fatboy Combo here which includes a heavy Angus beef patty and bacon, lettuce, tomato, cheese, and onions.

Scott's Burger Shack Sacramento

3. Pangea Bier Cafe

Buyer beware: the burgers here at Pangea Bier Cafe are quite massive thanks to the huge Angus beef patty in the burger. In terms of flavour, this burger has it all: from spicy to sweet, it hits all the right flavour notes.

You’ll find just about most of the customers chowing down on a burger, so you know you’re in for a real burger treat.

Pangea Bier Cafe

4. Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse

Yes, technically it is a steakhouse and their primary focus is on steaks here at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse. But man, their burger just might be the best burger in Sacramento. Made from premium-grade beef that is incredibly juicy and flavourful, this burger is to simply amazing.

Best time to get this burger is during their happy hour for a very affordable price of under $10.

Ruth's Chris Steakhouse

5. LowBrau

LowBrau is Sacramento’s take on a traditional German beerhall. You’ll find lots of beer, sausages, as well as a great burger here too.

The LB Burger at Lowbrau is one of the juiciest and richest flavoured burgers in Sacramento and is a definite locals favourite.

LowBrau Sacramento

6. South

If you ask the locals on what their favourite burger joint is, you’ll definitely hear South come up a lot. The usage of Havarti cheese over your regular Swiss or cheddar cheese can make all the difference in a burger!

You’ll have to try a burger at South and see why all the locals keep flocking back here time and again.

South Burger Sacramento

7. Squeeze Burger

When you first see a burger here at Squeeze Burger, you’ll think something wrong happened in making it. The burgers here are unlike anything you’ve ever seen because you’ll wonder what that large round crispy sheet is. When you find out that it’s a cheese skirt, it just adds to the flavour of the burger!

Come to Squeeze Burger and figure out a clean and clever way of eating this interesting burger!

Squeeze Burger

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