Coffee Shops in Hungary

The 25 Best Coffee Shops In Hungary

Hungary is home to some of Central Europe’s most fabulous coffee shops. Whether you are looking for a world-class espresso bar or cosy garden patio, Hungary has it all. With a rich coffee history all across the country, you’ll find specialty coffees and classic brws in Budapest and beyond.Get your coffee fix at our picks of the best coffee shops in Hungary for 2020…

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1. Espresso Embassy – Budapest

This Budapest staple is a no-brainer for coffee aficionados. Famous for their incredibly smooth espressos and excellent filter coffee, rest assured you’ll be taken care of. We recommend ordering a plain espresso.

2. Szünet Coffee & Break – Pecs

World-class service, delicious speciality coffee and a great menu make Szünet one of the best in the country. Whether you are looking for a light lunch with a pick me up or a morning cup, they’ve got you in mind. Grab a frothy latte at this Pecs fave.

3. Walzer Cafe – Budapest

This Castle District gem is famous or its delicious pastries and robust brews. Housed in a 700-year-old building, it’s got all the charm you’d expect. Hop over and grab a coffee at Walzer Cafe.

4. Caffe Grade Italia – Pecs

If you are looking for a great cup of joe in a cosy and charming setting, Caffe Grade Italia has you covered. Have a seat on their breezy patio or cosy up inside. Enjoy one of their stout Americanos or creamy cappuccinos.

5. Vintage World – Debrecen

Few places nail antique charm quite like Debrecen’s Vintage World. This cosy and cute cafe is one of the best in the country. They are known for their warm atmosphere and a great variety of both coffee and pastries. Grab a latte and slice of cake at this local favourite.
Vintage World - Hungary Coffee Shop

6. Dorado Cafe – Budapest

In the heart of Budapest’s Jewish Quarter, you’ll find Dorado Cafe. Dorado Cafe is perfect for sitting and enjoying the afternoon over some coffee. The atmosphere is very laid back, and their coffee selection is extensive. Don’t leave without trying one of their v60 pour-overs.

Dorado Coffee Hugnary

7. Lobby Cafe – Szeged

Nobody does art, coffee and treats quite like Lobby Cafe. This Szeged gem is known for its artsy vibes and delicious speciality coffee. Black coffee fanatics will love their pour over options.
Lobby Cafe Hungary Coffee Shop


8. Kelet Cafe – Budapest

Pop into to Budapest’s Kelet Cafe for a smooth pick me up in a bistro slash cafe slash book shop setting. We recommend the plain Americano with a small bite and a read from one of their shelves.

Kelet Cafe Hungary Coffee

9. Süti Nem Süti – Szeged

Süti Nem Süti is rustic, romantic and located right in the heart of Szeged. Here you’ll find coffee to suit every taste and pastries galore. Take your pick from a robust espresso, milky cafe au lait and everything in between.
Suti Nem Suti Hungary Cafe


10. Kismandula Confectionery – Debrecen

Right behind Csokonal Theatre is Kismandula Confectionery. This life-changing cafe is perfect for anyone who enjoys a robust cup with a sweet treat. Their coffee is silky smooth, and their selection of cakes is simply unbelievable! Enjoy an espresso with a sweet bite at this Debrecen fave.
Kismandula Coffee Shop Hungary

11. Műterem Kávézó – Budapest

This Budapest cafe has a high-quality cup for everyone. Whether you like it sweet or stout, they have an in house roast with you in mind. In addition to five-star coffee, the setting is adorable, and the atmosphere is friendly.
Muterem Budapest Cafe

12. Antique Cafe & Tea – Szeged

Treat yourself to a delicious cup of coffee at Antique Cafe & Tea in Szeged. An incredible roast variety and friendly staff make it favourite among tourists and locals alike. We recommend any of their Colombian blends with a chocolate bar.
Antique Cafe Hungary Coffee


13. Cafe Godot – Miskolc

Cafe Godot in Miskolc gets espresso right with deliciously smooth beans and speedy service. Whether you need an afternoon pick me up or a morning kick, they’ve got a cup for you. Order an unbelievably milky cortado for a real treat.
Cafe Godot Hungary Coffee

14. Abrakadabra Specialty Kávézó – Gyor

Abrakadabra Specialty Kávézó is every bit as magical as it sounds. This coffee shop is complete with expert baristas, a warm atmosphere and great roasts.
Abrakadabra Hungary Coffee

15. Cube Coffee Bar – Budapest

Just a quick walk from the House of Terror, you’ll find a coffee that is scary good. Their baristas know exactly what they are doing and the cosy atmosphere combined with the coffee just can’t be beaten. Start your day off right with one of their perfectly milky flat whites.
Cube Coffee Bar Cafe Hungary

16. Hét Kávézó – Szeged

This Szeged favourite is known for its rich roasts and hole in the wall feel. We recommend one of their cappuccinos, but you can’t go wrong with any of their coffee items. Even better? They are pet-friendly.
Het Kavezo Coffee

17. Massolit Books & Cafe – Budapest

What is cosier than a garden cafe in a bookshop? Massolit Books & Cafe is the King of quirk with their tiny book shop, breezy garden area and sweet treats. Sit and stay awhile with one of their yummy lattes and a book.
Massolit Book Cafe Hungary

18. Kölcsey Art Café – Debrecen

Kölcsey Art Cafe in Hotel Lycium is the place to be if you are a coffee connoisseur in Debrecen. They are known for their rich Italian brews and homey atmosphere. Don’t leave without a frothy latte.

Kolcey Art Cafe Hungary Coffee

19. The Goat Herder Espresso Bar – Budapest

This trendy cafe is perfect for anyone who likes to keep it simple with classic coffees. Americanos, lattes and no-fuss black coffee are what they do best. Enjoy any one of their speciality brews with a small bite.
The Goat Herder Espresso Hungary

20. Desszertem – Miskolc

Who doesn’t love delectable cakes with a hot cup of coffee? You get all that and more at Miskolc’s Desszertem. Their sweet options are endless, and the milky coffees are simply unforgettable.
Desszertem Hungary Cafe

21. Kávébajusz – Gyor

Kávébajusz or ‘coffee moustache’ is every bit as quirky as it sounds. Spoil yourself with one of their insanely smooth pour-overs or indulge in a creamy cappuccino. Be sure to grab a bag to take home, too!
Kavebajusz Hungary Coffee Shop

22. 9Bar – Budapest

The place to come if you want some seriously tasty pastries served up with your coffee. Throw in perfectly made coffees and the amazing service and its the sort of place you’d want to stay for a second cup.

9Bar Coffee Hungary

23. Cut & Coffee – Debrecen

Head to this Debrecen jewel for coffee that is a step above the rest In addition to some of Hungary’s best coffee, they are also pet-friendly. Plenty of pooches, pastries and rich roasts make it a favourite. Don’t leave without trying one of their creative lattes.
Cut and Coffee Cafe Hungary

24. Madal Cafe – Budapest

Madal Cafe began in May 2013 as one of the first speciality coffee shops in the city. Since then, they have expanded to three locations. They say that the key to their success is only sourcing the best of the best in terms of beans. Plus, they roast their coffee fresh themselves.
Madal Hungary Coffee Shop

25. Black Sheep Roastery & Coffee – Debrecen

This roastery perfectly marries cosy cafe with in house beans. Enjoy a deliciously smooth mug of coffee while observing their roasting process. Don’t leave without a pastry or two and a bag to take home, either.
Black Sheep Roastery Hungary Coffee Shop

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