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25 Of The Best Coffee Shops In Malaysia

Third-wave coffee culture is taking over Malaysia by storm. Left and right, neighbourhood cafes are serving up high-quality cups of speciality coffee. From Penang to Malacca, there is something for every caffeine aficionado. Get your coffee fix at these incredible coffee shops in Malaysia.

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1. Mods Cafe – Malacca

Mods Cafe is a big smile with peace signs for eyes and flowers for hair. This adorably vintage and retro cafe is hailed for its unique and quirky atmosphere. Doubling as a micro-roastery, the beans are lightly roasted over charcoal before being served fresh to you in your choice of coffee. Even better? It’s all served out of a 1970s VW van.
mods cafe best malaysia coffee shop

2. Pulp by Papa Palheta – Kuala Lumpur

If you are a real deal coffee connoisseur, Pulp is the place to be. Along with great seating space and delicious coffees, the staff is very well versed in their roasts. So, ask questions, learn about their brewing and roasting techniques and don’t forget to grab a bag to take home.
pulp best malaysia coffee shop

3. Biru Biru – Kota Kinabalu

This historical gem is a must when in Kota Kimbalu. Housed in an old printing press that doubled as a campsite for the allies during WWII, there is plenty of charm to be seen here. More importantly, though, is their coffee. They have a great menu selection for your cup of joe whether you like it strong and black or frothy and sweet.
biru biru best malaysia coffee shop

4. Three Little Birds – Kuala Lumpur

This cosy neighbourhood coffee joint is the perfect place to spend the afternoon sipping on caffeine. Take a seat inside or grab a spot on their sundrenched patio. We recommend a flat white in the shade on the patio.

3 little birds best malaysia coffee shop

5. Alley No. 5 – Malacca

Alley No. 5 is the epitome of a hidden gem. Tucked away outside the bustling city centre, this quiet cafe is home to a cosy and warm atmosphere. Enjoy a cup of your choice and catch up with a friend or do some reading at this local fave.
alley number five best malaysia coffee shop

6. Antipodean Cafe – Kuala Lumpur

Tucked away outside the main city centre, Antipodean Cafe is truly a hidden gem. Here the brews are smooth, strong and always fresh. In addition to an excellent roast variety, their breakfasts are out fo this world. We recommend you try their iced coffee and if you’re up for it, and Australian breakfast.
antipodean cafe best malaysia coffee shop


7. Piu Piu Piu – Kuala Lumpur

As part of The Zhongshan Building (a creative studio collective), Piu Piu Piu is creative and utterly charming. Despite the tiny size, you’ll find all your coffee needs will be fulfilled here. If you’re not lucky enough to grab one of the few seats instead, drink your coffee standing at the bar and just soak up the good vibes.

best malaysia coffee shop
image: Anh Mai Tran / Facebook


8. Calanthe Art Cafe – Malacca

Nobody does coffee and eccentric art quite like Calanthe Art Cafe. This Malacca jewel is known for its wildly quirky atmosphere and rich roasts. They get java right with their insane attention to detail and passion for a smooth cup of coffee every time. Order a long black and grab a small bite at this quirky coffee shop.
calanthe cafe best malaysia coffee shop


9. Nook Cafe – Kota Kinabalu

Slip into Nook Cafe for a delicious early morning cup. They open bright and early at 8 am, which means you can get your day going strong with one of their tasty milky coffees. Plus, there is a large variety of vegan and vegetarian options for small bites. We recommend their latte and a small pastry.
nook cafe best malaysia coffee shop

10. Limau-Limau Cafe – Malacca

Temple Street’s Limau-Limau Cafe is famous for its decadent foods and a wide variety of teas, coffees and milkshakes. Whether you’re looking for a hearty breakfast with an Earl Grey or an afternoon pick me up, Limau-Limau has it all. Additionally, the environment is boho and filled with pieces by local artists.
limaalima best malaysia coffee shop

11. Transparent Coffee – Kuala Lumpur

Minimalist, sophisticated and chic are just a few words to describe this hip and trendy coffee staple. Its unassuming exterior makes it feel like a real hole in the wall, and the coffee variety along with the atmosphere is unmatched. They are famous for their deliciously smooth filter coffee and iced milk lattes.
best malaysia coffee shop

12. Norm Microroastery

This minimalist coffee shop is buzzing with locals and tourists alike for their delicious cups of coffee. The owners value high-quality speciality coffee over everything else and double as a microroastery which means you get a great cup every single time. Hop in and stay a bit while enjoying one of their smooth Americanos.

norm best coffee shops in malaysia

13. Bean Brothers – Kuala Lumpur

With two locations in KL, Bean Brothers is a super handy coffee stop off for when you want a consistently good cup. Their coffee is expertly home-roasted using beans sourced from all across the world, and there’s always a new and exciting blend to try. Both stores also look amazing, with a raw and rustic feel.
bean brothers best coffee shops in malaysia

14. The B Side – Kota Kinabalu

This minimalist industrial-style cafe is famous for its speedy service and unbelievably smooth brews. Apart from a variety of bold and smooth coffees, their food is pretty impressive, too. Treat yourself to a long black and eggs benedict.
best coffee shops in malaysia

15. Baristar Coffee & Tea Express – Kuala Lumpur

Authentic, quaint and affordable perfectly describe this local coffee shop. In this tiny cafe, you’ll house blends from India, Papua New Guinea, Brazil and even more. We recommend ordering a classic Americano.
best coffee shops in malaysia

16. Artisan Roast Coffee TTDI – Kuala Lumpur

This bustling cafe is a favourite among tourists and locals alike for its signature Artisan Roast made in the Loring Smartroast. They get creative with their in house roasts and beans sourced from a variety of coffee capitals around the world, too. So have a seat and treat yourself to one of their incredibly rich cups.
best coffee shops in malaysia

17. Heng Huat – Malacca

Come for the coffee and stay for the atmosphere at this Malacca fave. Heng Huat is one of Malacca’s oldest coffee shop dating back nearly 90 years. Several decades of skill, old-world charm, traditional Hainanese dishes and classic coffee makes it one of the best in the country.
best coffee shops in malaysia

18. October Coffee House – Kota Kinabalu

Kota Kinabalu’s October Coffee House is every bit as charming as it sounds. Whether you are needing a spot to grab a mug in the morning, looking for a relaxed afternoon or somewhere to catch up with friends, October fits the bill. Pop in and stay awhile for one of their soy milk lattes.
october best coffee shops in malaysia

19. The Hub – Kuala Lumpur

The Hub is a Kuala Lumpur staple and screams neighbourhood cafe. Enjoy an afternoon here or pop in for a morning pick me up, either way, you’re in for a real treat. We recommend a classic latte but be sure to snag a pastry, too!
best coffee shops in malaysia

20. Joe Sun Food & Coffee Co. – Kota Kinabalu

Latte lovers need look no further than Joe Sun Food & Coffee. They serve up the absolute best and most unique frothy sips in the whole country. Enjoy a classic latte or get creative with one of their colourful ones.

best coffee shops in malaysia
image: @missfoodiesabah247/instagram

21. Locahouz – Malacca

One of the best coffee shops in the country and easily the most charming, Locahouz is a must. Fancy durian cheesecake? What about pork belly pumpkin bread? What about a flower latte? Take a seat in the lush and breezy dining area and have it all and more with one of their incredibly smooth cappuccinos.

locahouz best malaysia coffee shop

22. Seraph Awaken – Kuala Lumpur

This lush and breezy cafe is the perfect spot to get your caffeine fix in KL. Whether you’re looking for siphon brews, classic robust roasts or a variety of international brews, they’ve got you covered. We recommend trying their signature hibiscus coffee and grabbing a seat in the sun.

seraph awaken best coffee shops in malaysia

23. The Daily Fix – Malacca

The Daily Fix is a Jonker Street staple and known for its warm atmosphere, smooth brews and tasty treats. Craving a homemade brownie with a creamy latte? Feeling some pandan pancakes with a classic black? They’ve got you covered.

best coffee shops in malaysia

24. Root Patisserie Cafe – Malacca

Looking for a caffeine kick paired with melt in your mouth desserts? Then Root Patisserie is for you. This quaint local cafe has you in mind with freshly roasted coffees and everything from cupcakes to macaroons to cheese tarts. We recommend their creamy cappuccino with a slice of homemade cake.

root patissrie best coffee shops in malaysia

25. Constant Gardener – Penang

Ask any Penang local where to get the best cup of coffee, and they’ll send you to Constant Gardener. This cosy and charming neighbourhood cafe has you in mind with a large variety of international roasts and seriously skilled baristas. Enjoy any of their speciality lattes with some deliciously rich chocolate on the side.

best coffee shops in malaysia

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