The 7 Best Bars In Tbilisi

The 7 Best Bars In Tbilisi, Georgia

Tbilisi, Georgia sits on the edge of Europe, edging along the Middle East. As such, it’s at-times frenetic and wild, at-times formal and European. Quite a contrast, huh?

Tbilisi isn’t as well-traveled as other parts of Europe, so the city still has really cheap eats and booze. Putting together this list of best bars in Tbilisi is a difficult task — but boozing for cheap in Tbilisi definitely isn’t. Let us be your guide.

Best bars in TbilisiHow do these rankings work?

1. Dive Bar

Dive Bar plays host to the trendier crowd in Tbilisi — 20- and 30-something expats and locals drinking super-cheap, stellar craft beer, playing drinking games (like beer pong!), and talking loudly over the frenetic (and usually great) soundtrack.

The decor is unique, kind of tucked below the street. It’s like a “dive” into another world. *Sorry.*

Dive Bar Dive In Tbilisi

2. Generator 9.8

Generator 9.8 is much more than just a bar. It’s a social space, an area for co-working and communing with people from all over the world. Nights see poetry readings, epic karaoke parties, movie showings, and just relaxed, chatty hours by the fire.

Hint: try their special drink, called the Cachacheli (but brace yourself; it’s strong).

Generator 9.8 Bar In Tbilisi

3. Nali

If you want a touch of the western world, head to Nali — a pub with imported beer, burgers, and greasy appetisers (the cheese sticks are grand). The place bumps with live rock music throughout the evening and into the early morning, making it an essential, cheap stop on your night out in Tbilisi.

Nali Bar In Tbilisi

4. Valhalla Bar

This part-dungeon, part-bar is a heaven of cheap drinks and an absolutely stellar soundtrack. The crowd is eclectic and always up for a laugh or conversation — an easy place to make new friends from all over the world.

Valhalla Bar

5. HomeMade Bar

Tbilisi seems to operate with its own rules (with homemade wine sold on every corner and a real sense of “we do what we want, when we want it”).

HomeMade Bar takes this to heart, with absolutely incredible homemade whiskey, top-notch cocktails, homemade wine, and craft beer. The interior is minimalistic, with gleaming hardwood tables and friendly vibes.i

HomeMade Bar

6. Backstage76

Backstage76 is located in the open square at Vake Park and features two terraces — one in a kind of “amphitheater,” and the other in front. The bar has an impressive array of tapas — all inspired by French, Italian, and Spanish cuisine, and seriously delicious.

Plus, Backstage76 offers film screenings and music performances, making it more “event space” than bar — although still one of the very best bars in Tbilisi, for sure.

bars tbilisi

7. Black Dog Bar

Black Dog Bar is an essential stop in Tbilisi for craft beer lovers and fans of greasy, delightful finger-foods. The English-speaking staff offer six different beers on tap — and are always up for a bit of friendly banter.

Black Dog Bar

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