The 7 Best Coffee In Kiev

The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Kiev

The coffee scene in Ukraine is absolutely booming right now, with plenty of amazing specialty coffee shops in Kiev to discover during your travels. Long gone are the days of relying on European coffee imports, as Ukrainian roasters popped up over the last few years to smash it out of the water.

Whether you’re a local coffee fiend or just passing through, we’ve got the 7 best coffee shops in Kiev to fill up on caffeine.

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With four locations across the city, this dedicated coffee brand has a particularly pretty place in a local art centre. As well as making delicious traditional coffee, you can also order Chemex, V60 and Aeropress pour-overs.

They also hold live music evenings (piano, saxophone, jazz trio), DJ sets, drawing lessons and chess games in their various cafes.

Coffee Kiev

2. Espressoholic

Located in the Podolsky district, this hugely popular (and small) coffee shop almost always has a queue of coffee lovers lining up at the door. Espressoholic was one of the city’s first speciality coffee stores and shows zero chance of slowing down.

Espressoholic Cafe in Kiev

3. Whitebeard Blackbird

A super stylish coffee shop that will give you serious Instagram-envy, Whitebeard Blackbird is cool with a capital C and makes coffee with a real punch.

Whitebeard Blackbird Cafe

4. Come and Stay

Want a perfectly poured flat white? You’ve come to the right place. They do a range of artisanal coffees, ranging from classic milk drinks to Chemex and Aeropress. Bonus points for their adorable terrace, which is popular in the summer.

Come and Stay Coffee

5. Fair Finch Coffee Center

Not only is Fair Finch a fantastic place to stop by for a coffee, it’s also an expert coffee school, where you can learn about the different types of coffee and how to distinguish flavours. Buy bags of their own-roasted coffee to take home and recreate the incredible experience.

Fair Finch Coffee Center in Kiev

6. Blur Coffee

The passion for coffee here goes above and beyond – from the the quality of the cup of coffee you drink, the service you get and the atmosphere you feel when entering the place. Blur Coffee is also one of the prettiest places to spend a few hours in Kiev.

Blur Coffee

7. Yellow Place

A funky coffee bar set inside Good Wine premium food mall, Yellow Place serves coffee from The Barn and Five Elephant as well as several Ukranian roasters. Decor is bright and the coffee is mega-fresh.

Yellow Place Cafe

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