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7 Most Haunted Houses And Spooky Places In Texas

If you’re a fan of haunted house movies and all things spooky, then this list of haunted houses and spooky places in Texas will be right up your street!

Chock full of old dirt roads, ancient battlefields, abandoned towns and eery haunted houses, Texas is a hotbed for spooky places. It’s a place with a long history involving Texian/Mexican conflict, ancient Native American culture, mining disasters and Civil War tragedies. Thanks to this, the Lone Star State is incredibly haunted. But don’t just take it from us, according to this study, Texas is the most haunted state in the US. It turns out that Texans have collectively experienced nearly 7,000 ghost sightings since 2005, causing even the biggest sceptics to go think twice. Whether you consider yourself a disbeliever or full-blown ghost junkie, Texas has you covered with these creepy and ominous sites.

The Lone Star state also happens to be the second-largest state which means there are plenty of haunted houses and spooky sites to go around. From Moxley Manor’s haunted house murders to Austin’s House of Torment, here’s where to find a haunted house in Texas and more!

The Most Scary Sites in Texas

1. Presidio La Bahia in Goliad

Forget haunted houses in Texas and head to one of the state’s many battlegrounds. Presidio La Bahia otherwise known as The Presidio Nuestra Señora de Loreta de Bahía, is one of the most bone-chilling places in Texas. This Spanish Army fort was built in 1747 and laid the grounds of what is now Goliad, Texas. It’s most famous for its role during the Battle of Golias in the Texas Revolution. This battle led to the Goliad Massacre of 1836 and upwards of 400 Texian Armymen being murdered by the Mexican Army. Many of these men, even the wounded, were executed against the chapel walls. It’s often referred to as the other Alamo and known as a major event in Texas history.

Thanks to its gory past, Presidio La Bahia draws history buffs and ghost hunters alike. In the centuries since the tragic massacre, several ghosts have been reported, and Presidio La Bahia has become known as a heavily haunted place. One of the most popular occurrences in the chapel is a ghostly figure of a mourning woman at the offering table. Then, there’s the Officer’s Quarters. Near the chapel, you’ll find the phantom quarters of long gone Texian army men. It’s here that people feel intense pain, dread and sometimes even anger for no apparent reason.

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2. Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells, Texas

When it comes to spooky places in Mineral Wells, the haunted hill house usually takes the cake. But today, we are going to tell you about an equally terrifying location known as Baker Hotel. You know those places that locals can’t quite put their finger on who or what is haunting them? Baker Hotel is not one of those. This historic hotel was built in 1929 and has garnered quite the reputation of being haunted in the decades since. Baker Hotel offers much more than your phantom weeping woman or ghoulish, creepy child, too. It’s now abandoned and in the works of being refurbished, but the roster for ghosts here is still pretty long. It starts with the seventh floor.

The troubled woman who roams these halls is said to be the mistress of none other than Mr Baker himself. She was kept on the seventh floor and eventually flung herself from a window and died. The reasons for her suicide are unclear, but her presence is undoubted. She’s known as being an active and even flirtatious ghost recognizable by her red hair and lavender perfume.

The most gruesome of spirits, however, is the bellhop. In the 1950s, a young bellhop was brutally killed in an elevator accident when his body was split in half. Near this area, there is a young boy who lingers, too. He passed in the hotel in 1933 from leukaemia while seeking treatment from the natural mineral springs. He’s often reported with a shaggy dog and has made contact with mediums several times over the years.

Can ghosts make a hotel a home?

Last but not least is TD Baker. The hotel’s founder is believed to haunt the Baker Suite on floor 11 where he died. Witnesses claim to smell cigar smoke wafting through the halls and feel a strange presence in this area of the hotel. Even though this is a hotel, to Baker it was a home so, in our eyes, Baker Hotel doubles as a haunted house. In our book, the sheer amount of ghosts here make it one of the scariest haunted houses in Texas.

The hotel itself has been shut down since 1970, but you can stay nearby at the oh so adorable Magpie Inn.

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3. De Soto Hotel in El Paso

In the heart of West Texas’ El Paso, you’ll find one of the most haunted hotels in the Lone Star State. De Soto Hotel has been around for over a hundred years and in that time, has acquired a few spirits. While several ghosts have been spotted over the years, there are a few that seem to always be on the tenants and staff’s mind.

The first famous ghost is known as Shadow in the Doorway and comes with a chilling phrase. During a paranormal investigation, the EVP device picked up audio that softly said “who cares?” followed by a shadow zipping across the hallway. The next ghoul on the De Soto guest list’s name is Sarah. She has a reputation for being quite the mischievous prankster. Guests and staff report hearing her laughing and running throughout the halls. Last but certainly not least, is the malevolent spirit in the basement. Not scary at all, right? Back in the day, secret Satanic rituals took place in De Soto’s basement, and it’s said that a ghost lingers there today. People have reported feeling scratched, pinched and even bitten by this unknown force.

If you dare to explore but don’t want to stay in a place as spooky De Soto, treat yourself to a room at Stanton House. 

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4. Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth

Cutting Edge Haunted House is known as the go-to haunted house in Texas and easily the best-haunted house in Fort Worth. It’s even been dubbed “Hell’s Half Acre”, and it isn’t hard to see why. What spells horror and gore like a haunted house set up inside a 100-year-old abandoned meat plant?

In the days of it being a meat plant, Fort Worth was one of Texas’ roughest patches. It was riddled with murder, mysteries and gunfights meaning it’s a prime spot for spooks today. Needless to say, this former slaughterhouse has been home to horrors of all kinds – and still is. While the costumed mannequins and zombie-esque men may seem a bit kitschy, Cutting Edge is so much more. It’s said that a troubled ghost named Sally roams the halls weeping and that’s just the start. The twisting corridors, weeping women and chillingly realistic scares are sure to have you trembling.

Explore Cutting Edge and more of Fort Worth’s haunted houses, hotels and more with a stay at The Ashton.

5. The Terlingua Ghost Town in Terlingua

Just a hop away from Big Bend National Park is a ghost town riddled with spooky occurrences. Terlingua Ghost Town is not some fabricated roadside attraction; it’s the real deal. This old Texas town got its start as a mining hub, but not for long. It’s famous for it’s abandoned cemetery that provokes a strong sense of sadness just by being inside it.

Most of those laid to rest in this deserted place were miners who fell victim to the mercury they were digging for. Next on the list of unfortunates within the burial grounds were victims of the 1918-19 influenza outbreak that ravaged the area. On Dia de Los Muertos each year, the old town is “brought to life” with tributes to all who died here in the form of candles, stories and respect for the dead. If all this weren’t enough, the heat is absolutely brutal and makes time standstill. The buildings that have managed to brave the elements all these years only add to the towns creepiness and decay of the city. Currently, just 82 people live here, meaning there are more dead than living.

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6. The Alamo in San Antonio

No place says grizzly Texas history like The Alamo. This famous Texas Revolution battle site was home to the deaths of hundreds of Mexican and Texian soldiers. Following the Texan’s victory, there were plans to tear down the old 18th Century mission church, but those plans were scrapped when ghosts started popping up in waves. The sightings began with phantom armies marching around the Alamo’s grounds and only increased in creepiness from there.

Prior to the battle, the Alamo was also the city’s cemetery and housed at least a thousand bodies beneath the soil. The most famous of those who roam the sad battlegrounds is a little blond boy who was abandoned when his parents were killed during the battle. It’s said that he was evacuated, but his parents were not, and consequently, they were killed in a crossfire. He visits the place where he last saw them through a window near the gift shop. Your best bet at seeing him is in February when the battle occurred. In addition to the little boy, several other paranormal events take place here. Many reports have been made of people feeling extraordinarily depressed and sometimes even moved to tears while walking certain halls.

There are plenty of places to stay nearby and experience the Alamo’s spooky past – but we recommend Hotel Valencia on the Riverwalk. 
And don’t forget to “Remember the Alamo!”

7. The Ghost Tracks in San Antonio

It’s no secret that San Antonio is one of the state’s most haunted areas. From the countless haunted houses, the Alamo, Suicide Oak, Menger Hotel and many more, it’s gained quite the reputation for spookiness. One of the most hair raising spots in San Antonio is The Ghost Tracks on Villamain and Shane roads. In the 1930s, the tracks were the place of a tragic train accident which killed an entire bus of schoolchildren. The bus stalled on the tracks and while waiting to fix the bus, a train came along completely obliterated them.

Legend goes that a nun was the only one to survive the accident but wrecked with grief, she later decided to end her life on those very tracks. She parked her car along the tracks, but miraculously someone or something pushed her car over the tracks before the train could hit her. People from all over come to experience the strange phenomena that take place over these tracks. There have been hundreds of accounts of children laughing and handprints being left on cars. The method of connecting with these spirits is simple. Go to the railroad tracks, drive onto them, shift into neutral, and wait. Some suggest adding baby powder to your bumper in order to see the handprints more visibly.

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If you’ve managed to work you’re way through all these haunted houses and spooky places in Texas, then check out our 50 most haunted houses in each State!

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