Best Pizzas In Melbourne

The 7 Best Pizzas In Melbourne

Have a craving for the best pizzas in Melbourne? Consider this your DIY slice-by-slice guide to the tastiest pies in the city. Melbourne has an incredible food and drink scene: burgers, tacos, cocktails and of course, coffee.

Get your game face on and get ready to eat your bodyweight in fresh cheese and chargrilled dough at these seven best places for pizza…

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1. D.O.C Pizza & Mozzarella Bar

Their humble pizzeria began way back in 1997, and now the Pizza Revolution is in full swing in Melbourne. Authentic ingredients with a perfectly charred crust ensure D.O.C is one of the city’s favourites.

Best pizzas Melbourne

2. Sempre Pizza & Calzone 

This family-owned beauty specialises in Calzones that come stuffed with quality Italian meats and cheeses just waiting to be bitten into. Their bianca (white) pizzas aren’t to be sniffed at. A classic pizza place that never fails.

Sempre Pizza & Calzone in Melbourne

3. Scoozi 

Their wood-fired oven was hand built by their pizza chef, so you know these are people with a serious passion for pizza. Combine that with Neapolitan technique and the best quality Italian and local ingredients, and you’re onto a real winner.

Scoozi Pizza in Melbourne

4. La Svolta 

Set up by two best friends from Italy, La Svolta is one of only a handful of pizzerias in Australia that holds an Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (AVPN) Accreditation. This is how pizza should taste.

With that name, we’re guessing they’re Vasco Rossi fans.

La Svolta Pizza in Melbourne


SPQR does some of the very best wood-fired and sourdough pizza on the continent. They have gluten free options and the room is always buzzing with excitement from hungry customers. Just LOOK at that perfect charring on the crusts…

SPQR Pizza

6. Ladro

Ladro is a buzzing pizzeria that serves traditional wood-fire oven pizza topped with Italian ingredients such as N’duja super spicy salami, buffalo mozzarella, onion, oregano & basil.

It also has a zero organic waste policy: they recycle all their food waste, from chicken bones and carrot tops, to uneaten pizza crusts (who leaves the best bit?!)

Ladro Pizza

7. Baby

Baby is a walk-in pizzeria with a sleek vibe and tasty pizzas. The artisan pizzas are made with 00 flour from Naples and pastas are all house-made. There’s a seasonal menu of 20 or more pizzas, so plenty of variety for all tastes.

The Tricolore with Fried Eggplant, Smoked Scamorza, Yellow Cherry Tomato and Speck is a real winner.

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