The 7 Best Craft Beer In Paris

The 7 Best Craft Beer Bars In Paris

Wine-lovers, take a step back. Paris has given you enough time, enough glory. In recent years, craft beer in Paris has become a powerful (if slow-coming) force, with several craft breweries proving themselves as more than just “trendy” sites for boozing.

There’s real quality in Parisian craft beer. Mosey through the cobblestone streets, grab a pint, and find out for yourself.

Best craft beer bars in ParisHow do these rankings work?

1. La Fine Mousse

The 11th arrondissement’s sleek and refined La Fine Mousse offers an extensive list of fine-tuned craft beers. Food pairings change week to week, based on the season.  In addition, the staff is always friendly, warm, and eager to ask you your specific beer preferences.

La Fine Mousse Bar

2. L’Intrepide

Located in the trendy 9th arrondissement, L’Intrepide has about seven beers on-tap, including the American-hoppy Paris IPA and the brilliant Altitude Brown Ale.

Their artistry is apparent, with Art Nouveau-style posters scattered around the establishment. Just check out the beer glass design. Who wouldn’t want to drink from it?

L’Intrepide Craft Beer In Paris

3. Cave à Bulles

In the pulsing heart of Paris, find this cave of wonder: well-stocked with beers from around the world, along with “starter kits” for wannabe home-brewers.

They offer a wide selection of hops, basic malts, dry yeast, cleaning and disinfection products, and other such materials, along with helpful advice. Clearly, they take Parisian beer love to the next level.

Cave à Bulles Craft Beer

4. Bon Esprit

Rue Saint Martin is awash with cutesy cafés and little boutiques. Now, Bon Esprit brings raucous life to the area with its healthy range of international and local craft beers (with happy hour from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.), along with tapas-style snacks and an American-style bar.

Bon Esprit Craft Beer Bar

5. Les Trois 8

Ménilmontant’s answer to trendy craft beer in Paris doesn’t get much better than Les Trois 8 — with an ever-changing eight-tap selection. Beyond that, they feature over 100 crafts from around the world.

Of course, as it’s Paris, they have tasty cheese and charcuterie boards (along with vegan offerings — a rarity in this city of meat and cheese).

Les Trois 8 Bar

6. Frog Beer

Frog Beer sensed the coming winds of craft beer change and has been brewing-up the best in Parisian craft beer since 1993. Our hint? Try the Chipotle Chocolate Porter at their new Frog & Underground location (which spans three floors).

Frog Beer

7. Paname Brewing Company

Located in an old granary on the stunning Canal Saint-Martin, find a restaurant and brewery with a big outdoor patio, flowing craft beer, and bougie “street food.”

Above all, their beer is outta-this-world, with five standard beers and a constant hankering to find new flavour pairings. Furthermore, you can take a brewery tour and lesson on beer. Find out more here.

craft beer in paris

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