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7 Best Steakhouses in Connecticut

Somedays you just need a big juicy steak with a few glasses of wine or whiskey. Fortunately, there are plenty of chophouses that fit the bill. From swanky downtown Hartford restaurants to cosy forest eateries in Chester, the Constitution State has you covered. Here are our picks for the best steakhouses in Connecticut.

7 of the Best Steakhouses in Connecticut

*As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to evolve, please double-check with restaurants’ current guidelines for dining.  

1. Barbarie’s Black Angus Grill – Danbury

Barbarie’s Black Angus Grill has a huge reputation for being one of the best steakhouses in Connecticut. Ran by husband and wife duo Tom and Karen Barbarie, the pair are commited to serving only the best meats which are staff-butchered and aged on-site. When it comes to a full menu, they pull out all the stops with excellent selections of seafood in addition to a wide steak variety. We recommend their filet mignon wrapped in their house bacon.
best steakhouses connecticut

2. Joseph’s Steakhouse – Bridgeport

When it comes to warm hospitality and juicy steaks, Joseph’s Steakhouse is the place to be. This old school chophouse sings a nostalgic tune with its white tablecloths and dimly lit dining area, making it perfect for date night. If you’re dining for a special occasion, we recommend the Porterhouse steak for two with a few glasses of whiskey.

3. Brushmill by the Waterfall – Chester

Tucked away in the woods and set in the style of an old mill that overlooks a romantic Chester waterfall, Brush Mill by the Waterfall has some serious ambience game. In addition to their charming and romantic atmosphere, the food is on point. Take your pick from their classic filet mignon or opt for the Cajun slow-roasted Delmonico. Don’t forget to ask for a wine pairing, too.
best steakhouses connecticut

4. Banana Brazil Grill – Meriden

What is more representative of a great steak than a classic Brazillian steakhouse? Banana Brazil Grill sticks to tradition by carving your slabs tableside and serving up the most expertly seasoned steaks you can imagine. You’re not lacking on options, either. Take your pick from the top sirloin, round steak, pork picks, and so much more all made to preserve their authentic flavour.
best steakhouses connecticut

5. Chuck’s Steakhouse – Rocky Hill

This Rocky Hill fave has been serving up some of the best steaks in the state since the ’70s. With sister stores in Storrs, Branford ad Danbury, its Chuck’s popularity has certainly grown over the decades, and it isn’t hard to see why. From the warm hospitality to the excellent lineup of steaks, chicken and chops; they’ve earned their stripes. We recommend a good ol’ surf and turf plate.


6. Edo Ichi Sushi and Hibachi Steakhouse – Wethersfield

Hankering for a steak with some Japanese flair? Look no further than Edo Ichi Sushi and Hibachi Steakhouse. This classic Japanese grill serves up a great variety of hibachi steaks to bring your meal full circle. We recommend the filet mignon hibachi or, if you’re looking for something a little different, their tuna steak hibachi is a great pick.

7. Max Downtown – Hartford

Max Downtown is a Hartford gem known for its swanky style and world-class steaks. Classy as steakhouses come, you’ll be met with a sophisticated yet welcoming style and more delectable menu items than you can manage. We recommend the cowboy cut bone-in ribeye with a pick from their whiskey book – yes, they have a whiskey book.

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