The 7 Best Tattoo Parlours In Europe

The 7 Best Tattoo Parlours In Europe

Inking your passport isn’t as much fun as inking your bod. With this in mind, why not dart around to the best tattoo parlours in Europe — letting these incredible artists inject a bit of their personality onto your skin along the way?

The best tattoo parlours in EuropeHow do these rankings work?

1. Icelandic Tattoo Corp – Reykjavik, Iceland

First of all, find Icelandic Tattoo Corp located in stunning Reykjavik — the home of tattoo artist extraordinaire, Buri, who offers refined, clean work that harkens back to Japanese stylings, blackwork, realism, and watercolour.

Icelandic Tattoo Corp In Europe

2. Dots to Lines – Berlin, Germany

Artist Chaim Machlev is located in Berlin, Germany: a city that prides itself on individualism and radicalism. Similarly, Chaim’s tattoos are remarkable, personalised to each person’s body type. As a result, his parlour normally has a two-year waiting list. Clearly, it’s worth it.

Dots to Lines Tattoo In Europe

3. Calypso Tattoo – Liège, Belgium

Calypso Tattoo leads the charge on the tattoo scene in Belgium, manned by Daniel DiMattia. DiMattia works exclusively in black ink, with shades of grey. Due to his clear eye for detail, however, DiMattia’s work is explosive and exciting, even without color.

Calypso Tattoo In Europe

4. Tin-Tin Tatouages – Paris, France

Tin-Tin Tatouages is legendary in Paris. The artist behind the Mondial du Tatouage (an enormous tattoo exhibition) is the artist behind Tin-Tin, and is often said to be the pioneer of the French tattoo artistry. Due to his efforts, uber-chic Paris plays host to remarkable ink. 

Tin-Tin Tatouages

5. Wisdomless Tattoo Club – Rome, Italy

Just a stone’s throw from the Piazza Navona, find Wisdomless — with tattoo artists dressed like dandies for a strange, cinematic flair. Artist Fabio Fantozzi crafts colorful, stunning works, each with a focus, according to Fabio, on the “story” of the tattoo.

Wisdomless Tattoo Club

6. Sacrifice – Barcelona, Spain

Toni Donaire is the Barcelona-based tattoo artist to watch amongst best tattoo parlours in Europe, working always to hone his neo-traditional tattoo stylings. Often, his tattoo inspirations come from mythology and other ethnicities. As you can see, the results are staggering.

best tattoo parlours in europe

7. Dark Art Tattoo – Budapest, Hungary

Budapest’s Dark Art Tattoo has a world-renowned artist in Zsolt Sárközi, the founder, but also features nine other incredible talents. In short, their work speaks for itself.

Dark Art Tattoo

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