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7 Of The Best Bars In Montreal

Montreal has a great reputation for having one of the livelier nightlife scenes in Canada and it shows with their eclectic mix of bars. From bars that blend in with the old and rustic parts of town to more modern and upscale cocktail bars, there are some fantastic bars in Montreal for everyone.

Check out the very best bars in Montreal.

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1. Atwater Cocktail Club

The Atwater Cocktail Club is a fancy speakeasy that gives it an exclusive Hollywood vibe with its red carpet and velour ropes that line the outside entrance. Inside, you will be blown away by the fantastic cocktails thanks to their heavy infusion of South American ingredients (agave and jalapeno) in their cocktails.

No reservations are required here but because of its great concoctions and vibes, it can get busy here real fast.

Atwater Cocktail Club Montreal

2. Cordova

Cordova is where you come when you want to just kick back and enjoy a classic cocktail. The setting inside is relaxing with its wood-top bar and touches of some plant life to boot.

Order a classic Old Fashioned and notice how impeccably on point all the flavours are in this vintage cocktail.

Cordova Bar

3. Gokudo

Gokudo is a Yakuza-style bar that has a very dark and mysterious vibe to it, making it that much more curious. The cocktails here find their inspiration from Japanese culture and you should expect to find lots of cocktails that use sake and gin.

Try the beer-inspired cocktail, the Bunshin, which is a mixture of whiskey, beer bitters and peppers.

Gokudo Bar Montreal

4. Loïc

Loïc is a wine bar that is located in a bright and grand neoclassical building which gives it a vintage appeal. Whatever your wine tastes are, you’ll find something and then some here at Loïc and you can find food to pair it with here as well.

Explore the different wines from around the world and come here before it gets busy in the evening.

Loic Bar Montreal

5. Le Vin Papillon

Another great wine bar in Montreal is Le Vin Papillon and in a short time, has been called one of the best wine bars in Canada. With a sommelier manning the bar, wines from all over the world are offered here, but with a focus on European wines.

Le Vin Papillon is popular in Montreal and you’ll most likely need a reservation but it is worth it.

Le Vin Papillon Bar

6. Bar Pamplemousse

Bar Pamplemousse is a microbrewery situated in the Latin Quarter of Montreal and has a heavy Spanish influence. This bar offers over 20 different beers on tap from a variety of different beer categories. They also feature a shorter list of cocktails and wines but people mostly come here for the beers.

Try the Buenos Dias Beer here, a light and refreshing ale.

Bar Pamplemousse Montreal

7. Nhậu Bar

Nhậu Bar is in the basement of a Vietnamese restaurant and they serve up cocktails with a heavy Asian influence. This bar definitely goes outside of their comfort zone to bring you cocktails using very unique ingredients.

Try their take on a Sangria with their Nhậu Shell. Picture a conch shell filled with strawberry wine, tequila, and a few different fruits.

Nhau Bar Montreal

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