The 7 Best Bars In Oklahoma City

7 Of The Best Bars In Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City, or more affectionately known as OKC, is a city with fantastic bars, some new and some that have stood the test of time. It doesn’t really matter what your libation preference is because there will be bars in Oklahoma City that will quench your thirst.

These are the very best bars in OKC.

The best bars in Oklahoma CityHow do these rankings work?

1. O Bar

O Bar is a trendy and comfortable bar that offers a rooftop seating area and and an indoor cigar space where you can enjoy a libation and a stogie. The cocktails here are superb, elegant and are made to perfection.

For a cozy night out on the town in OKC, come to O Bar.

O Bar in Oklahoma City

2. Hilo Club

Hilo Club is one of OKC’s best and original dive bars having been in business since the mid-1950’s. At Hilo, you’ll get a wide variety of audiences thanks to their live music, drag shows, and cheap tap beers.

Hilo is an institution for dive bar goers and if you want to mingle with an eclectic crowd while enjoying some cheap beers, come here.

Hilo Club Bar in OKC

3. Bricktown Brewery

Bricktown Brewery is the spot that everyone goes to to catch the big football or basketball game while having some good beers. The atmosphere here is lively on game nights and the selection of beers are extensive.

Come to Bricktown on the night of a big football match and revel in the fun atmosphere.

Bricktown Brewery in Oklahoma City

4. Powerhouse

Powerhouse is a powerhouse in sourcing local ingredients for their fresh and tasty cocktails. They also feature a list of regional craft beer making this place a truly unique and local watering hole.

Try some of the best ingredients OKC has to offer by ordering the Cherokee 75, a classic cocktail with an OKC twist.

Powerhouse Bar in OKC

5. Edna’s

Edna’s is another institution in Oklahoma City for their creation of the “Lunchbox.” Unlike the lunchboxes that kids take to school, Edna’s is a boozy concoction made of beer, amaretto, and a pinch of orange juice.

Come to Edna’s for the fun atmosphere, the sprinkling of dollar bills on the walls, and of course, for their Lunchbox.

Edna's Bar in Oklahoma City

6. MixCo

Mixed Company or shortly known as MixCo, is a classic cocktail bar that focuses heavily on crafting the perfect cocktail. Among their 12+ house specialty drinks, you’ll find literally a bit of everything, from bourbon, whiskey, vodka, and wine in their cocktails.

Try the Army of Me, a cocktail consisting of vodka and wine.

MixCo Bar in Oklahoma City

7. The Metro Wine Bar & Bistro

The Metro Wine Bar offers a vast selection of wines from around the world. The relaxing and easy-going vibes here from the bartenders to the crowds that come here make this the ideal spot to unwind at night with a nice glass of wine.

Sit back at the bar and enjoy a glass of wine or two and pair it with a light snack or appetiser.

The Metro Wine Bar & Bistro in OKC

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