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7 Of The Best Bars In Taipei

Taipei bars are very welcoming to locals and tourists alike and there are many bars in the city. Bars here are friendly, hip, and serve up some great libations.

Once you’ve explored your way around the city, you’re going to be pretty parched. Don’t worry, we feel your pain.

Here are seven of the best bars to get your drink on in Taipei.

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1. Hanko 60

Hanko 60 is a hidden gem of a bar tucked behind an old theatre. To gain entry, you must push a button at the door where you will arrive at this secretive and magical bar.

A must-try cocktail here is the Cinema drink, which plays to the theatre vibe and has real popcorn spread over the top of the cocktail.

Hanko 60 Bar Taipei

2. Geography Bar

It might be hard to navigate to Geography Bar as there is no real signage outside. Simply head into the building, walk to the fourth floor and then take the elevator up.

Once inside Geography Bar, order a specialty drink from their menu. Each drink relates to a specific city in Taiwan so choose the city of your choice!

Geography Bar Taipei

3. Ximen Beer Bar

Come here for more of a pandemonium type of atmosphere as there will be loud music and constant loud conversations. It’s no wonder, as Ximen Beer Bar is located in the youth entertainment district of Taipei.

With rotating beer selections, come here for the best beers Taiwan has to offer. Whether it’s draft or craft beer, Ximen Beer Bar has you covered.

Ximen Beer Bar Taipei

4. Alchemy Speakeasy Bar Taipei

Across the street from Taipei 101, there is another jewel of the city’s bar scene, up on the second floor. Alchemy Speakeasy is your typical speakeasy bar with wooden furnishings to give it a classy finish.

Guests that come here come for the great cocktails – served in a wooden box and wrapped in newspaper – and live jazz music.

Alchemy Speakeasy Bar Taipei

5. Revolver

If you’re looking for a place you can listen to some excellent underground tunes, it’s here at Revolver. Spread over first two floors, there are live bands playing and DJs spinning the hits.

Escape the music on the third floor and chill at the lounge where they serve craft, local, and imported beers.


6. Woobar

For sprawling views of Taipei, head up to the Woobar on top of the W Taipei hotel.

This place is the home of pool parties and Taipei’s upscale party crowd. Sip on one of their signature drinks as you party the night away while taking in those skyline views.


7. On Tap

With a heavy British-influence, On Tap is one of the best bars to grab a pint of beer.

It’s not known as a sports bar, On Tap does have numerous big screen TVs where guests can watch matches from around the world.

Needless to say, this pub is a very sociable one. When you come here, you can expect a steady stream of European beers to be flowing into your glass.

On Tap Bar Taipei

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