Best Day Trips from Geneva

7 Of The Best Day Trips From Geneva

One of the two main entry points to Switzerland, Geneva is a luxe destination situated right on the lake. To escape the city for countryside charm or simply a change of pace, plan time for one of these best day trips from Geneva.

You’ll find postcard-worthy snapshots of incredible Swiss landscapes in all seasons.

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1. Vevey

A short train ride around the lake, Vevey has ties to Charlie Chaplin. There’s a museum of his life worth touring, as well as tons of terraced vineyards to explore. Walk along the waterfront, and plan to sample a local bottle at dinner.

Best Geneva Day Trips

2. Montreaux

A little closer to Geneva yet still on the lake, Montreaux is another wonderful destination. There’s tons of shop, a wonderful world-class jazz festival and its even close to the castle. Go for a bike ride along the waterfront and on to the castle for an active and cultural afternoon.

Best Geneva day trips

3. Gruyere

You likely know this region and town for its namesake cheese, which is a must-taste while you’re here, but the quaint little town has so much more to offer. Walk the cobblestone streets and visit the towering castle. It’s a quiet yet beautiful stop for a countryside escape.

Geneva day trips

4. Charmey

This is one of the smaller villages in Switzerland, but it is a great doorway to pristine nature for outdoor adventure sports. It’s located near a chocolate factory, Cailler, and a hotel with a spectacular thermal spa. So spend the day hiking or cycling then let the pools wash away the soreness from tired muscles. A bite of chocolate is also a yummy recovery snack.

5. Fribourg

The medieval town is stunning, and there are tons of unique shops and restaurants to pop into–partially because it is a cool college city. See the cathedral and the old bridge, but don’t miss the chance to try some of this region’s delectable cheeses.

6. Lucerne

A favourite among travellers to Switzerland, Lucerne is a beautiful city right on its lake. The building facades are covered in intricate murals, and the covered bridge is filled with paintings that tell the story of the city. Eat at a restaurant along the river.

7. Bern

The capital of Switzerland is home to one of the country’s most famous chocolatiers, Toblerone, and is representative of the city thanks to its mascot, bears. Wander the cobblestone streets and keep an eye out for bears that show up everywhere. Shop under more than six kilometers of arcades–and even in converted cellars.

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