The 7 Best Adelaide Coffee

The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Adelaide

For those seeking out their caffeine fix in southern Oz, the good news is that Adelaide coffee shops are among the very best in Australia.

So if you need a good Americano, ice brew or latte we’ve done the hard work for you and picked out the 7 very best coffee spots in the city. Just take it from us – maybe spread them out a little and don’t drink them all in one day.

Adelaide coffee shops:

1. SOHO Coffee Roasters

What’s better than a cafe you can ride your bike into and order right there at the counter? They roast their own coffee here and focus on wholesale, as well as making wonderful brews for you there in person with super knowledgable staff always at hand.

Adelaide Coffee

2. Patio Coffee Roasters 

They’ve formed relationships with micro-lot farms and local collaborations to bring you some of the best specialty coffees from all over the world. Their cold brews are the stuff of dreams and just what you need when the mercury heads north.

Patio Coffee Roasters in Adelaide

3. Fiefy’s Speciality Coffee

A top quality establishment, where the only tricky thing for coffee lovers is ignoring their insanely good hot chocolates. Fiefy’s offer their own coffee training, have won countless awards and are generally a mecca for coffee lovers in the area.

Fiefy's Speciality Coffee

4. Crack Kitchen

Crack Kitchen is a cafe, roastery & specialty coffee brewer all-in-one who are at the very top of their game; you’ll always leave totally satisfied. Throw in some of the best brunch in town and you’re onto a real winner here.

Crack Kitchen Cafe

5. Elementary Coffee

A wholesale specialty coffee roastery, cafe and retail shop based in the Adelaide CBD who place a big focus on sourcing ethical coffee and treating farmers with the respect they deserve. Thanks to the well trained and friendly baristas, this is a great place to spend an afternoon.

Elementary Coffee in Adelaide

6. Monday’s Coffee Store

Monday’s place a big focus on the wholesale business. but the shop is where you’ll experience their product served up to absolute perfection by masters. Simple, no fuss and just really good coffee done well.

Monday's Coffee Store

7. Sublime Coffee Roasters

They’re so passionate about good coffee that they designed and built their own roasting equipment from the ground up, because they wanted that would do exactly what they wanted. They say they are “100% committed to ethical coffee relationships – if it’s good for you, us and the grower – we’re onboard!”. Just like its name, the coffee is indeed sublime.

Sublime Coffee Roasters in Adelaide

Big 7 Travel Team